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Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Eco Brisbane Bond Cleaning is a cleaning service that cleans the entire house for the ultimate purpose of cleaning the rental. We provide cleaning services in Brisbane and Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

 When you move home, pack. The last thing you want to do is clean up the exit at the end of your rental period. Our experienced bond cleaners provide professional services to help you regain rental ties quickly and without stress

Stress can happen when many office jobs accumulate, business or not to mention taking care of our family. Eco Brisbane Cleaning provides a professional and friendly Bond cleaning service, giving a little thought and allowing you to spend your precious time on things that are more important during the move or move in the process. Our Operator is timely, professional and accurate at all times.

Real estate agents and property managers are very strict when it comes out of cleaning because they want to retain properties for each subsequent tenant. Sometimes there is a quarrel between tenants, cleaners and property managers and if possible, we tried to bridge that gap and still offer excellent customer service although 95% of the time there was no fault of the cleanser.

So, it is very difficult to explain what is meant by the Eco Brisbane cleaning services Gold Coast bonding ties unless you are from the Gold Coast quite a lot.  This type of cleaning service can add value to your home before selling – or can make new owners who are much more confident knowing professional cleaning has occurred before moving on.  We can customize a clean cleaning bonding package which consists of some or all of the following cleaning services for your home, duplex or the unit with the most competitive price structure on the Gold Coast.

Here is the full summary list of our bond cleaning services. Individual services can include some or all of these items with the only limitation being the time it takes to pre-task them. More time in place means more cleaning and better results depending on the initial conditions. Discuss your needs with us today!

All ceiling Fans & all your house ceilings

  • Clean All Spider Nests with Dry Dust
  • Remove Dirt or Scars from The Ceiling of Your House
  • Wash Down the Ceiling Fan (Including the Top and Side)
  • Exhaust fan-cleaned by removing from ceiling and wash with hot soapy water

Windows & Screen includes screen door

  • Cleaning all the outer and inner windows, glass, and gauze doors should be cleaned thoroughly.
    NOTE: The window screen is opened from the inside only to prevent damage to the frame. So that the glass is spared from scratches causing damage to the window glass. Outside window additional hours required.
  •  Cleans all the tracks and windowsills (this is done should be done after cleaning windows and screens)

Wall & Door

  • All walls, including garage without scars, dust, dust, and spider nests.
  • All doors are cleaned from the front, back, and edge, to be free from any dust, dust, and mark.
  • All edge tiles and edges are cleaned


  • Check the Exploding Ball and Tell the Tenant/Vendor
  • Remove the Glass Cover and Clean Free from Insects And Dirt.

Smoke detector

  •  Smoke detector is cleaned and operated. (Connect with the installed battery properly)

PowerPoints switch & lamp/fan

  • Clean all dirt and oil (the top and Round & switch point)

Curtain & Air conditioner

  • Vertical blinds and track system cleared completely, including the top of the rails.
  • Venetian Blinds must be cleaned. (In some cases, a blind specialist may need to be used if the blind is outside the general scope of bonding clearance)
  • Air Con Unit is cleaned, including washing filter assemblies.


  • Bathroom Mirror Cleaned
  • Basin and Bathroom Cleaned
  • Tile Shower Recess and Glass Cleared (In Some Cases Heavy Mold Will Require Re-Grouting or Special Nat Cleaner If Outside General Scope Of Cleaning Bonding)
  • Toilet Cleaned and Sonicated


  • Cupboard and Drawer Cleaned
  • Sink Cleaned
  • Cleaning Bench
  • Oven Cleaner
  • Splash Back Cleaned Up


Do you want to do your own Bond Cleaning? 
We have many customers who call to ask about doing self-Bond Cleaning. Although this can be difficult, we are pleased to give some advice.

The average net bond takes between 10-15 hours. We understand most people don’t have the free time to do such a task. It is important to realize that the net bond that is expected to guarantee the return of your bonds cannot be done in less than 10 hours. Some homes present unexpected challenges such as dog hair, uncleaned walls, excessive stained surfaces such as curtains or NAT and unwashed houses.

The first thing is to make sure all the furniture and goods have been removed from the house. This creates a clean canvas or work environment. At this stage we prefer to go around and clean the exterior windows (note-not all bonding clears including exterior windows) Now we are ready to attack the inside.

 Ideally starting from the farthest room working back to the exit whether it was the front door or in many cases the garage. Prepare everything you need, such as vacuum cleaners, chamois, microfiber cleaning cloth x 2, multipurpose alkaline Cleaner, bleach, squeegee cleaner, gloves, washcloth and water bucket.

 You can imagine if all this you don’t want while you are in the farthest part of the house there will be many trips back and forth spending valuable time.

Each room has to be completed 100% before moving to the next one. The reason for this is it is easier to monitor the time as it must perform each task in every room before the next one. It also saves foot travel time.

The general rule is to start from top to bottom. Example: Starting with the ceiling followed by a fan, wall, Power point, Closet, window, track, carpet is always last. Of course, the bathroom and kitchen will have a wider list. Working in this way becomes methodical therefore you tend to miss things.

Contact us today and let us relieve your stress with our high-quality Bond cleaning service in Brisbane and Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.! 🙂

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