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A Clean Office will always boost its Productivity. Now with Eco Brisbane cleaning you don’t have the hassle to look for places we are just a call away.

Why do you need to maintain a clean office?

To reduce the rate of illnesses and to maintain productivity and to keep the office environment welcoming a clean work environment is necessary. Infection and bacteria can get in contact via common objects and unclean areas. To avoid the rapid spread of any virus or bacteria office cleaning is essential.

Maintaining a clean office regularly is essential.

What types office cleaning services Eco Brisbane Provides?

Office cleaning service can be done every day, weekly or monthly.

Daily cleaning

Cleaning the office environment daily will freshen up the work environment and adds that fragrance and spark to a welcoming office space.

          Reception, Entryway, and Lobby

  • Dust and Wipe all the desks, tables, stools, chairs, fixtures and other surfaces
  • Remove any scuff marks or cobwebs on walls
  • Replace old flowers with new ones if there are flower vases
  • Disinfect door handles and knobs
  • Clean glasses and mirror
  • Empty the garbage bins and place new trash bags
  • Vacuum the floors, carpets, and rugs to remove dust
  • Mop all the hard floorsWashrooms
  • Wipe and clean mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Pour toilet cleaning solution in all the bowls and leave for 5-10 minutes
  • Dust and wipe countertops, washbasins, cabinets etc.
  • Brush and clean toilet bowls
  • Sanitise the outside areas of toilets
  • Disinfect the toilet seat, door handles, and cabinet knobs
  • Place toilet rolls and paper towels
  • Dispose of the trash
  • Vacuum and mop the floors

          Kitchen or Pantry

  • Wipe and disinfect all surfaces
  • Clean utensils and place them properly
  • Clean and sanitise the cabinets, sink, microwave oven, coffee maker and other kitchen appliances
  • Disinfect door and cabinet handles and knobs
  • Vacuum and mop the floor



Weekly cleaning

Weekly office cleaning allows to maintain the office cleanliness for which doesn’t require a daily clean, but requires sanitizing and disinfecting with a deep clean for common areas, surface and objects.

  • Wash, squeegee, and wipe all windows
  • Vacuum and remove stains from upholstery
  • Clean baseboards and marks from walls
  • Declutter and wipe the refrigerator
  • Clean hard to reach spaces

Monthly cleaning

Monthly office cleaning is a deep cleaning service which doesn’t requires a detail cleaning on a daily or weekly basis. This service is time consuming and cost effective. Most Offices chose to have a monthly clean.

  • Upholstery steam and carpet cleaning or shampooing
  • Washing and cleaning ceilings, walls, and baseboards
  • Wiping high surfaces and objects
  • Spring cleaning bathrooms, cabins, kitchens and other common areas
  • Washing curtains, covers, and other fabrics
  • Cleaning and polishing wooden surfaces, objects, and upholstery
  • Decluttering to discard or donate unnecessary papers, objects, supplies, and items

How to choose the best Professional office cleaning service Provider?

No longer it’s a difficult job! Eco Brisbane cleaning provides with the nest professionally trained team to clean the mess at your work station, we assure to give you the best service in Brisbane. While choosing a professional office cleaning team consider the below; Eco Brisbane cleaning meets it all!


Cleaning the office with least disturbance, utilizing the time provided and placing the objects where it belongs to is the key for efficiency. Our team has been given special training to do an effective clean to bring that spark and to feel the freshness at each work station.


Eco Brisbane cleaning provides the confidence to the client by allocating the same cleaner to provide the service once the cleaning contract is signed with us. Providing the service with no reminders as per scheduled time and completing the service within the same number of hours each time the job is done. This allows our clients to choose Eco Brisbane cleaning for the Consistency and the Dependency.


Eco Brisbane cleaning maintains its Professionalism from the point of customer consultation to receiving the final feedback of job satisfaction from our valuable clients. Provided with customized Uniforms, Bio-gradable cleaning products and company vehicle Eco Brisbane cleaning maintains its brand for Professionalism. Our Professionally Trained cleaning team and the friendly attitude of going that extra mile to satisfy our customer’s need says it all.

  • Qualified professional cleaners
  • Eco Friendly and modern equipment
  • Best customer service and support
  • Required chemicals

How do you Book our service?

You can make a free quote today at this moment. To make your booking, contact us through the number given on this page. One of our staff from the customer care team would assist you in making the booking. If not, you can also submit the online form available in this page. You will have to enter the right details and submit the form. Why wait when you are just a step ahead to experience our service.

Office cleaning Brisbane FAQs

We send our supervisor to inspect the property free of charge, and provide you the approximate rate depending on the size and the requirement. The general rate is _________

We would complete the cleaning within the discussed time depending on the size and the service required of the property. Our minimum callout time starts from 2hours.

You can book by contacting us in the number given or by submitting the online form.

Refer our testimonial to read about customer feedback. We have been in the cleaning industry for more than 12 years. All our staffs are experienced in this industry.

Yes, we do follow the green policy strictly. All the chemicals and external products used are biodegradable.