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Looking out for help in cleaning your house? Search no more. Eco Brisbane cleaners are with you in Brisbane to save your day.

Kitchen Cleaning

Eco Brisbane cleaning has a specialized team for kitchen cleaning in the commercial industry in Brisbane. No matter how big is your restaurant, hotel or holiday Inn, in the food service industry if your kitchen isn’t clean you will lose your business. To maintain a healthy hygienic kitchen, you need to deep clean your kitchen every once in a while. So why wait? Call us, Eco Brisbane cleaning provides you the best specialized kitchen cleaning service to maintain a spotless kitchen in and around Brisbane.

At Eco Brisbane cleaning, we do commercial cleaning not only for the food service industry, but also for hospitals, industry, schools, aged care centers, quick service cafeterias, full-service restaurants, and other food service businesses. To a food business industry, it is very important to serve your customers best, this can be only achieved through disinfecting the surface and a deep clean.

An effecting cleaning plan in the food business can meet food safety standards reduce waste and be more productive and achieve expected goals easily.

Our cleaning process includes removal of accumulated grease inside ducts, exhausts, hoods, fans, vents kitchen appliances, surfaces and every area which will not be reached in a basic clean. We use the latest technology and techniques to prevent the spread of bacteria from one place to another, assure to deep clean 100% of any bacteria, germs or any form of dust to bring a clean hygienic atmosphere at the kitchen.

Our cleaning service includes:

Total Kitchen cleaning

Our professional cleaning team walkthrough the area to be cleaned along with you and, and advises the best techniques and process to be used and provides a free of charge quotation before scheduling an appointment. It could be an after a construction in your kitchen, or before a departmental inspection, or your regular deep clean services. With Eco Brisbane cleaning it has been always easy. We are just a call away!

Air/HVAC Duct cleaning

To avoid any fire hazards duct cleaning is very important. Ducts and exhaust should be monitored very often to check if required ventilation is taking place. An uncleaned kitchen will result in accumulated grease and dust and inside ducts and will lead to fire hazards. The duct paths are scrap cleaned first and then wash with food safe caustic chemicals and hot water pressure washing for stubborn accumulated dirt where required. To maintain the kitchen, it is advised to clean every two months, quarterly, semiannually an annual. Eco Brisbane cleaning has a professionally trained team to provide this service according to your budget and the service required.

Power washing

Eco Brisbane cleaning provides a guaranteed service with power washing floors, ceilings, walls, walkways, hoods, ducts, fans and cooking appliances.  We use a professional grade pump which is heat resistant, and these pressure washers can’t reach up to 180 degrees. Depending on the condition our experts advice the appropriate service to remediate the issues.

Grease Trap Cleaning

We offer the most effective quality room grease entice improvement with associate degree eco-friendly conscience. Don’t wait till you have got a problem allow us to maintain and clean your grease traps now! Cleaning and removing grease entice waste ought to be a high priority for any eating place or industrial room within a big space. Correct disposal of grease and improvement of eating place grease traps is needed for any company. Beyond the lawful reasons to keep up your grease traps, correct periodic maintenance will facilitate forestall foul odors and restore correct flow to the system. We suggest that you simply maintain your grease entice so as to forestall backups, clogs and smells. We offer regular appointments 24 hours every day for your convenience yet as prompt interval for your emergency wants.


We clean fryers, grills, ovens, steamers, work tables, vary hoods, stainless-steel walls, all the stainless-steel within the room, pipes, drains, degreasing floors, walls and ceiling. All walls, ceilings, equipment, walk-ins, and floors square measure degreased. We have a tendency to use scrapers, metal sponges, screw drivers, pressure washers, enviro-safe chemicals and plight to completely clean business kitchens. Grease fires still happen at associate degree atrocious rate. A grease fireplace happens once the vegetable oil becomes too hot. Most vegetable oils have a smoking purpose around 450°F, whereas animal fats like lard or goose fat can begin smoking around 375°F. Improvements have resulted from analysis, code revisions, education, and enhancements in grease filtration and extraction technology in business kitchens, however homeowners of economic kitchens should still be alert with workers coaching and maintenance procedures.  Don’t Delay! Call us for timely services.

Quality cleaning

The cleaning services we provide are of very high quality. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction at the end of our service. You will be happy and satisfied looking at your home with a new look.

Not only focusing on the commercial kitchen cleaning service we have our professionals to clean your domestic kitchen as well at commercial standards.

A domestic kitchen is the area which requires high attention since it is the quickest place to get dirty. Eco Brisbane cleaning allocates a special cleaning team to clean your kitchen to bring that shine back. Our team cleans provides a prim and prop clean by dusting, cleaning the kitchen appliances, the surface areas, range hoods, stove drip pans, burner grates, and control knobs. Inside and the surface areas of the oven and the microwave the dishwasher, counter tops, cupboards, tables and chairs. Our Domestic kitchen cleaners reach to all areas which is not possible in a basic clean to bring back the freshen look.

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  • Required chemicals

Kitchen cleaning FAQs

  • Commercial Kitchen cleaning
  • Domestic Kitchen Cleaning
  • Total Kitchen cleaning
  • Air/HVAC Duct cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Grease Trap cleaning
  • Degreasing

Usually it’s advisable to get a kitchen cleaning every 2 months, quarterly, semiannually or annually, but this situation varies upon the condition. But choosing Eco Brisbane cleaning our team will advise, when the next clean is required.

Prices will vary upon the service required and the size of the area to be cleaned. Our team will do a Free of charge inspection prior to the job and provides you with a Free Quotation.

It depends on the condition and the service required. At Eco Brisbane cleaning our Team is professionally trained to advice on the best required service.

So why wait? Call us now and book your service with us.