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    Ductwork cleaning

    Expert Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners in Brisbane

    Is your kitchen exhaust hood getting grimy and coated with grease despite regular cleaning attempts? You should never take any chances with it. Instead, immediately connect with us for kitchen exhaust cleaning.

    We are experts in cleaning all sorts of kitchens. You don’t have to get your staff to spend a lot of time scrubbing the exhaust fans. We clean your kitchen and make sure that your staff has a perfect environment to work in. On top of that, you can offer a pleasurable dining experience to your customers.

    • Restaurant kitchen hood cleaning
    • Industrial kitchen ventilation cleaning
    • Grease trap cleaning
    • Ductwork degreasing
    • Exhaust fan cleaning
    • Filters cleaning
    • Kitchen canopy cleaning
    • Removing oil buildup

    Thorough Grease and Oil Cleaning

    Grease and oil from cooking build up over time in kitchen exhaust systems. This grease can catch fire and is a safety hazard. Our experts use high-pressure water and strong degreasers to completely dissolve thick grease and oil. We have the right tools to clean hard-to-reach spots too.

    • Complete cleaning of hoods, ducts, fans, and other components
    • High-pressure water to blast away stubborn grease
    • Industrial degreasers to dissolve oily buildup
    • Scrubbing of all accessible surfaces to remove residue

    Complete Scrubbing of All Components

    To fully clean your kitchen exhaust, we thoroughly scrub all parts.

    This includes hoods, ducts, fans, filters, and other components. Our technicians use scrapers, brushes, steam cleaners and degreasers. This helps us keep your entire exhaust system sparkling clean.

    • Hand scrubbing with scrapers and brushes
    • Steam-cleaning for layered grease and dirt
    • Degreasing chemicals to cut through grime
    • Detailed inspection of all exhaust system parts

    Our Process

    We handle all kitchen cleaning Brisbane tasks

    When it comes to kitchen cleaning, we are the experts. Here’s how we offer our services as a professional kitchen cleaner.


    Step 1 – Schedule your appointment


    Step 2 – Get your estimate


    Step 3 – Experience our kitchen cleaning service

    Our Services

    Comprehensive Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services Brisbane


    Air/HVAC Duct Cleaning

    Our experts use powerful vacuum systems to clear HVAC ducts of dust, debris, and contaminants for optimal airflow.


    Grease Trap Cleaning

    We pump out and thoroughly clean grease traps to remove built-up oil, grease, and food waste for free-flowing drains.


    Hood Cleaning

    From filter changes to degreasing exhaust hood surfaces, we provide complete hood cleaning for kitchens.


    Ductwork Cleaning

    We access and wash all ductwork to remove oil residue and dust for maximum kitchen ventilation efficiency.


    Fan Cleaning

    Using pressure washing and degreasers, we deep-clean exhaust fans and housings down to the last detail.


    Post-Fire Cleanup of Exhaust Systems

    We remediate fire and smoke damage to restore kitchen exhausts to pre-loss condition after a fire.

    Why hire us?

    We offer the best kitchen exhaust cleaning services in Brisbane

    Eco Cleaning Brisbane has offered exhaust cleaning for home and restaurants kitchens for over 20 years. Our experienced, trained technicians use the latest methods and equipment to thoroughly clean your entire exhaust system. We make the process efficient and hassle-free for your business.

    Compared to handling exhaust cleaning in-house, hiring Eco Cleaning offers many benefits. We have all the necessary equipment on our vans to fully clean any kitchen exhaust system on-site. This saves you from renting or buying pressure washers, degreasers, and other supplies. Our techs are highly skilled in safely accessing and cleaning all exhaust components. We know how to effectively remove stubborn grease and residues.

    We take care of the proper disposal of waste as well. You avoid the mess of handling barrels of greasy residue. We check for any system issues during cleaning and provide recommendations to improve airflow or compliance. Our preventative maintenance helps avoid costly repairs or violations down the road. The exhaustive cleaning services we offer reduce fire risks and improve kitchen air quality for staff safety and comfort.

    • Fully equipped for on-site cleaning
    • Skilled technicians access all components
    • Effective grease and residue removal
    • We handle waste disposal
    • Preventative maintenance recommendations
    • Reduce fire risks and improve air quality
    • Detailed service reports for compliance
    • Licensed and insured for your peace of mind
    kitchen cleaning services

    How we work

    Here’s a detailed overview of how we clean your kitchen in Brisbane

    Here’s how we thoroughly clean your kitchen exhaust system.

    First, our technicians inspect all parts of the system. This includes hoods, ducts, fans, and more. We look for problem areas and decide the best way to clean each part.

    Next, we protect sensitive equipment and surfaces to avoid damage during cleaning. Then, we apply strong degreasers and use scrapers, brushes, and pressure washers to remove thick, baked-on grease everywhere.

    We scrub and scour all areas we can access to fully remove residues. After scraping and scrubbing, we rinse the entire system with clean water to wash away grease and cleaning chemicals. We dry all areas using air movers, towels, and time.

    Finally, we disinfect, tidy up, and provide a detailed report of what we cleaned and serviced. Our process deeply cleans your kitchen exhaust safely and effectively.

    • Eliminating creosote deposits
    • Cleaning air vent screens
    • Hood cleaning solutions
    • Scrubbing system components
    • High pressure cleaning
    • Steam cleaning kitchen exhaust
    • NFPA 96 compliance services
    • Fire prevention through exhaust cleaning
    Ventilation hood inspection
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    We provide affordable, specialised exhaust cleaning services to businesses throughout the area. Our experts thoroughly clean your entire system to maintain safety and compliance.
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      A kitchen exhaust system is designed to remove grease, smoke, steam, heat, and odours from a kitchen. It consists of hoods, ductwork, fans and other components that work together to ventilate the kitchen. Proper ventilation is important for fire prevention, indoor air quality, and compliance with health codes.

      Regular cleaning helps prevent grease buildup and removes contaminants. This reduces the risk of fires, maintains proper airflow, and improves sanitation. The Fire Protection Association Australia recommends cleaning kitchen exhaust systems every 3-6 months in commercial kitchens to comply with fire safety standards.

      Professional exhaust cleaning services use specialized tools and techniques to thoroughly clean the entire system. The hoods, fans, ducts, and other components are scrubbed to remove grease deposits. Degreasers and sanitizers may be applied. Access panels are removed to reach all areas. The system may need to be partially dismantled to be properly cleaned.

      Signs that a kitchen exhaust system is dirty include visible grease buildup, reduced airflow, odor, smoke escaping the hoods, and activated fire extinguishing systems. Facility managers should inspect systems regularly and have them professionally cleaned if needed.

      The time required can vary greatly depending on the size and condition of your exhaust system. A typical cleaning might take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours. We provide an estimate after an initial inspection of your kitchen exhaust system.

      We strive to minimise disruption by scheduling cleaning during off-hours or when the kitchen is not in operation. Our goal is to complete the cleaning efficiently and thoroughly without interfering with your business operations.

      Yes, our technicians are trained and certified in kitchen exhaust cleaning procedures and comply with all industry standards and local regulations.

      Our rates depend on the size and complexity of your kitchen exhaust system, as well as the frequency of cleaning required. We offer free inspections to provide an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs.

      You can schedule a cleaning or request a quote by contacting us through our website, by email, or by phone. We’ll arrange for an inspection and provide a no-obligation quote based on your kitchen exhaust system’s needs.

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