A guide to End of leasing clean

One month before your lease ends

– In most cases, your lease agreement will embrace a term that claims your carpets ought to be professionally clean before you vacate the property. Now’s the time to book in a passing consummate carpet cleaner to arrive the day before you hand the keys back to the agent/landlord. Confine mind to stay a reproduction of the invoice!

– Your lease agreement could specify simply just need to have pest management done on your property (especially if you’ve had pets). As a tenant, you’re accountable for exploit the property pest-free. Use following couple of weeks to organise a knowledgeable pest management operator to spray your property.

– Does your property have lawns? If so, guarantee they’re mowed at intervals the ultimate week of your occupancy. If you don’t own a garden tool to do and do that yourself, book a gardener/handyman to mow the lawns for you.

– Cancel your utilities (where appropriate).

Seven days before your lease ends

Clean outside your rental property.
– Clean and sweep out your garage. Can your floor wish de-greasing? Exclude any leftover cobwebs and spray the skin house with insect spray.

– Remove all weeds, prune your bushes, mow the lawns and spray the realm with weed killer (if necessary). Do you need to replace any dead plants?

– If you have got any leftover rubbish at intervals the grounds, keep fastened fixed out for roll of tobacco butts and bottle crack left around the garden and exclude them before you allow.

– Scrub down your drive and pay special attention to any crude oil spill or tyre marks from your automotive.

Clean internal your rental property.

– Remove and wash your light-weight fittings, then dry and replace. Check your light-weight globes – they in operational order? modification and replace any globes that have blown.

– Look at your curtains and blinds. You ready to spot any dirt, dirt or marks? If you have got Venetian blinds, it’s an honest commit to wipe them clean slat by slat. Some curtains conjointly ready to be washed. If not, vacuuming might facilitate to urge eliminate any leftover dirt and dirt.
– If you have got air conditioning or ceiling fans, wipe them clean (and the inside filters). Same goes for your smoke alarms. Exclude the exhaust fans at intervals the area, rest room and rest room then wash and replace.

– Are there any fly spots or examine spots on your ceilings? Use sugar soap or a light-weight detergent in a passing bucket of warmth water with a sponge. (But check a bit spot first to form certain your paint stays intact).

Three days before your lease ends

– Clean your windows

– Get your windows in prime type by clearing all the cobwebs outside the house with a cobweb remover or broom.

– Have a look at your window tracks and clear them of dirt and build-up by painstakingly running a screwdriver on the tracks to unleash any dirt. Get in there with a vacuum (the narrowest nozzle you have) then wipe clean with a moist material.

– Place a screwdriver below the screen, elevate up and slide it to the left or right, before pull it out and removing the fly screen. Don’t force your screens as a results of they go to bend merely. Water the fly screen if necessary.

– Flyscreens too tight? Or do you have security screens or second-storey windows? The sliding windows will sometimes start from the at intervals. merely check to establish if you would like to loosen the screws at the best of the window (but don’t forget to tighten them back up).

Two days before the end of lease

Clean your loos

– It’s time to form clean and clean all parts of your rest room, together with the fittings, cistern, behind your rest room and thus the pipes. the only follow is to use a sprig disinfectant, towel and some disposable gloves this keeps everything safe and hygienic.

– Clean your wall tiles with the spray disinfectant and a material and wash any dirty walls down. Finally, scrub the at intervals of the bowl with bowl cleaner and a toilet brush.

– Your living areas, bedrooms and corridors

– Vacuum your wardrobes and cupboards and wash with heat, preparation water before drying. exclude any personal hooks, posters or sticky tape equally as residue. Any cobwebs or marks on your walls? ponder laundry them down with sugar soap or a light-weight detergent in AN passing bucket. Pay shut attention to your light-weight switches.

Kitchen cleansing

To clean your household appliance, exclude all parts range hood, stove, and knobs if they’re offered off. Soak in hot, preparation water long. Scrub with a firm scourer until clean. Clean your household appliance glass as per household appliance cleaner directions. Pay special attention to the glass.


Bathroom cleanup

To start your toilet clean, vacuum your toilet. This may take away any hair and loose objects before you start. Wet down your shower with a crème formulation and a scourer sponge. Pay special attention to the corners, door frame and high of shower till there’s no soap scum, mould or rust stains. Check to form positive your drain is hair free! Rinse your shower with water and squeegee your shower glass.

Laundry areas

Your laundry sink could have a metal or rust build-up. You’ll be able to take away this with a crème formulation and scourer sponge. Check your laundry cabinets, you will ought to apply an equivalent method here. Wipe down all faucet fittings and close wall tiles. Scrub any final marks off the ground with the crème formulation.


Finally, vacuum your entire house. This may ensure it’s prepared for the carpet cleaner to arrive tomorrow. Sweep any arduous floors and, as a final step, mop. Don’t leave any hair or trash on the ground. Do a final sweep of your terrace.

One day before you return your keys

Your carpets ought to be professionally cleansed these days. Once it’s completed, do a final walk-through with this listing to make sure your property is within the correct relinquishing state to avoid any occupancy disputes together with your rental bond.

What is Eco Brisbane 100% customer satisfaction?

If customer not happy then Eco Brisbane send their team back in 48 hours to re attend missed item as per free quote. But this customer satisfaction service is once off. So, customer have option to wait for Exit report or they want by themselves. If they do not wait for Exit report then if they real estate want cleaner back, then they must pay for that.

What if Free Quote from Eco Brisbane?

Eco Brisbane Cleaning team provide free quote to customer which does not involve any money in it. It is based on Our team experience and assumption of property condition and size describe by customer. But if condition is not average than quote price can go up.

Why choose Eco Brisbane Professional bond cleaning service?

It is fully licenced and major public liability insurance company in Brisbane. So is there any problem. We can cover 100% customer satisfaction.

Eco Brisbane bond cleaning follow RTA guideline checklist. This is very quality cleaning list which satisfy customer and real estate requirement. We respect everyone time and money, so we provide full list cleaning. This is surety of 100% customer satisfaction. All our professional cleaning team provide cleaning equipment and cleaning products. We are recommended by many real estate and property manager so there are 100% bond refund for you.

All in all, for all bond cleaning, end of lease cleaning and exit cleaning. Eco Brisbane is highly recommended cleaning company for professional cleaning services. We provide service to all parts and states of Australia.

Our free quotes are inclusive of GST so no hidden cost. There is assumption that property is in average condition.

Eco Brisbane Bond Cleaning standard list:

  • Remove Cobweb Internally
  • Exhaust fans and ceiling fans cleaning
  • Light fitting cleaning if safely reachable
  • Filter of air conditioners
  • Drawers and shelved cleaning
  • Light switches and power point cleaning
  • Floor vacuumed and mop cleaning
  • Wardrobe track, shelves and doors
  • Window washed inside with track cleaning
  • Window frames and door frames wiped
  • Door and window track cleaned
  • Skirting board cleaning
  • Carpeted area only dry vacuum
  • Walls only spot clean 3 to 4 spot per wall
  • Cleaning of doors
  • Oven inside and outside degreased and cleaning
  • Stove top cleaning
  • Range hood cleaning and filter degreased
  • Bench top cleaning
  • Drawer and shelves cleaning
  • Cupboard including top cleaning
  • Dishwasher with filter inside and outside cleaning
  • Sink and Tap cleaning
  • Splash back cleaning
  • Basins and Tap cleaning
  • Cupboard Inside and Outside
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Shower screen cleaning with maximum soap scum remove
  • Bath and plug hole cleaning
  •  Toilet and seat cleaning
  • Exhaust fan cleaning
  • Cupboards outside and inside
  • Laundry sink and plug hole cleaning
  • Cobweb removed
  • Sweep
  • Wall washing
  • Dusting or wiping of blinds
  • Louvers windows
  • White goods and Appliance Cleaning like Fridge, microwave and washing machine etc.
  • Upholstery or soft furniture like sofa and mattress
  • Kitchen ware cleaning
  • Grout cleaning
  • Garage door cleaning
  • Rubbish removal
  • Mould Cleaning
  • Ceilings
  • Lifting charges if need to higher level including carpet cleaning machine

Few Suburbs Our Services Include

  • Ipswich

  • Greenslopes

  • Logan

  • South Brisbane

  • Newfarm

  • Stafford

  • Victoria Point

  • Helensvale

  • North Lakes

  • Hamilton