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Looking out for help in cleaning your house? Search no more. Eco Brisbane cleaners are with you in Brisbane to save your day.

Pressure Cleaning Brisbane

Finding your Pressure cleaning team in Brisbane in never a pressure anymore. We handle the Pressure! Pressure washing is a deep clean to remove mold, grime, paint, dust, mud, or any stubborn dirt from the surface using high pressure water spray without causing damage to the surface. It brings back the enhanced look of the property’s appearance. At Eco Brisbane cleaning we fulfill your requirement whether it’s a residential pressure cleaning or a Commercial pressure cleaning.

We specialize in all types of Professional Pressure cleaning in Brisbane. Using the latest technology and a professionally trained team we cater our clients the best exterior cleaning services.

All across Brisbane our team at Eco Brisbane cleaning helps with the best professional pressure cleaning service. Our team uses the latest and best high pressure cleaning services appropriate to fulfill the requirement of the customer. Our cleaning team delivers a spick-and-span service which guarantees a spotless 100% disinfected outcome.

What are the benefits of Pressure cleaning?

  • It increases the value of the property, a seasonal pressure wash will keep the property look new and this adds value to your property.
  • Removes all stubborn stains and dirt and prevents from discoloration and gives that new look for a longer period.
  • Enhance the property curb appeal, by pressure cleaning you can boost the appearance of the property.
  • Faster than manual cleaning.
  • Disinfect, sterilizes and sanitizes from external fungus and bacteria entering.

Our services Include:

Building washing

Over a period of time any property will lose its spark over time, due to external factors. This will result in fade away and dullness in the exterior areas. Eco Brisbane cleaning has the solution for it. Our professionally trained team inspects the property and advices with the best suitable pressure cleaning technique to bring back the flash to your property.

Paver and Sidewalk washing

Sidewalks and pavers can be of bricks, stones or concreate or any form, they get dirty easily like non other surface.  They build up grime, oil, weeds or dirt and get discolored. Solution is none other than booking an appointment with our qualified team. We use the best appropriate cleaning techniques to remove the residue without damaging any surface while using eco – friendly and best suited pressure cleaning method. To maintain once the area is cleaned we also have the service of sealing pavers which helps to maintain the quality of clean. This helps from residue penetrating into areas while allowing to maintain for a longer period.

Roof Washing

Property owners all over the country face a common problem due to natural cause of debris, weather stains and moss on your roof. Leaving this area uncleaned will result in unnecessary damages to the roof and leads to leakages. Eco Brisbane cleaning appoints a special team to remove the stains and spots and brings back the roof look new again, while preventing the water leakages and frost damage to your roof.

So why wait? Call us now and book your service with us.

Patio Cleaning

Eco Brisbane cleaning wipe out all your worries providing the best cleaning solutions. Is your patio covered with fungus which looks like black spots and stains? Just call us and we will fix the job and bring that fresh look back. Our professionals use the deep heated cleaning method or high pressure patio cleaning technique depending on the condition of the property to disinfect the fungus and to remove the discoloration and sterilize the surface using this technique.

Parking lots and Driveways

Like all the other exterior areas the Parking area and driveways also needs attention over a period of time. Eco Brisbane cleaning offers you this service accordance with your budget. Depending on the condition of the area our supervisors advise the best suitable technique to be used to remove the discoloration, oil/grease removal, and other stubborn stains which requires a deep clean. We assure to bring back that perfect new look for this area making it feel fresh.

  • Cleaning and polishing mirror and glass surfaces
  • Cleaning toilets (with scrubs and disinfectants)
  • Cleaning cabinet tops and drawers
  • Scrubbing bathtub and showers
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Scrubbing and washing the tiles

Pressure cleaning FAQ’s

Pressure washing is a cleaning technique used to remove stubborn stains using high pressure water spray on surface. It can be with Cold Temperature or Hot temperature.

It is used on Concrete to remove mold, Gum, dirt and stains

It is used on Wood decks to restore the discoloration of the surface

It is used in houses to remove pollution, mildew and other problematic signs of aging.

Usually a pressure clean is done annually, but this situation varies upon the condition of the surface to be cleaned. But choosing Eco Brisbane cleaning once a Pressure clean is done it would last for 3-5 years.

Prices will vary on the size of the property and the service required. Our team will to a Free of charge inspection prior to the job and provides you with a Free Quotation.

Yes, it does! Pressure washing can damage any soft surface and also it can damage Vinyl siding if used the wrong techniques. At Eco Brisbane cleaning our Team is professionally trained to advice on the best required service upon the condition of the area and to provide the service with NO damage.

Yes, you may do it by yourself, but to achieve the best results it is advised you hire a professional team to do the job for you, since they have the best latest equipment, and well trained on the techniques to be used depending on the condition of the surface. So leave the pressure with us we will do the best for you!

Depending on the condition of the surface and the pressure washing technique applied the usage of products might vary. Some of the common chemicals used are ammonia, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, potassium hydroxide, citric acid, oxalic acid etc.