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Pressure Cleaning Brisbane

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    Concrete cleaning

    Top-Rated Expert Pressure Cleaners Near You

    Expert Pressure Cleaners in Brisbane

    Did you notice the growth of mold, mildew, or algae on the exterior surfaces of your home? Then you should immediately attend to it. This is where our pressure cleaning service can help.

    Our power washing service can effectively clean all your exterior surfaces. We bring all the surface cleaning equipment with us to deliver a great deep cleaning experience. By using professional-grade equipment, our experienced technicians will offer perfect concrete cleaning services. They also use eco-friendly chemicals to ensure your convenience.

    • Roof cleaning
    • Sidewalk cleaning
    • Driveway cleaning
    • Chewing gum removal
    • Mold removal
    • Mildew removal
    • Algae removal
    • Rust removal

    Commercial Pressure Washing Brisbane

    Keep your business looking its best with Eco Cleaning Brisbane’s commercial pressure washing services. Our professional power washing cleans exterior surfaces, improving curb appeal and brand image. We safely and effectively clean storefronts, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and more.

    • Building exterior washing
    • Sidewalk, parking lot, and driveway cleaning
    • Storefront, window, and sign cleaning
    • Removal of gum, grease stains, dirt, and grime
    • Post-construction cleanup

    Residential Pressure Washing Brisbane

    Refresh your home’s exterior and outdoor living areas with Eco Cleaning Brisbane’s residential pressure washing. We power wash surfaces to remove dirt, mold, mildew, and stains from siding, roofs, decks, patios, driveways, and more.

    • House siding and roof washing
    • Deck, patio, and walkway cleaning
    • Driveway, sidewalk, and fence cleaning
    • Gutter cleaning and rust removal
    • Graffiti and gum removal

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    No matter what the type of your property is, you can conveniently schedule and get our pressure washing services.


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    Our Services

    We Provide Comprehensive Pressure Cleaning Services Brisbane


    Building Washing

    Safely wash away dirt, mold, and grime from exterior surfaces of commercial buildings.


    Paver and Sidewalk Washing

    Power wash outdoor pavers, sidewalks, and walkways to remove stains, tire marks, and oil.


    Roof Washing

    Gently clean roof shingles and tiles with specialised low-pressure methods to remove moss and debris.


    Patio Cleaning

    Revitalise outdoor living space by pressure washing patios, outdoor furniture, and pool decks.


    Parking Lots and Driveways

    Clean parking areas, driveways, and garage floors, removing oil stains, tire marks, and salt.


    Concrete Cleaning

    Blast away grease, oil, rust stains, and embedded dirt from concrete surfaces.

    Pressure Cleaning: Your Solution for a Cleaner, Brighter Space

    Benefits of our Pressure Cleaning Service Brisbane

    Our professional pressure washing services deliver sparkling clean exteriors and numerous benefits for your home or business. Unlike a standard garden hose, our state-of-the-art equipment has the power to lift away years of accumulated dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and stains from all types of surfaces, including siding, brick, stone, concrete, patios, decks, driveways, and more.

    Power washing restores your property’s curb appeal by giving it a like-new appearance again. More than just aesthetics, our eco-friendly cleaning methods also remove contaminants that can cause deterioration, extending the lifespan of your exterior building materials and outdoor living areas.

    By blasting away mold, moss, and mildew on walkways, pool decks, and other areas, we improve safety by eliminating slippery surfaces. In addition to protection and renewal, our pressure washing gives efficiency gains.

    We complete jobs promptly and thoroughly, saving you time and hassle. Give your property the spruce up it needs while also protecting your investments with our top-quality pressure washing service. Contact Eco Cleaning today to schedule an appointment and transform the exterior of your home or business!

    • Improve curb appeal
    • Safety improvements
    • Surface protection
    • Efficiency gains
    • Convenience
    • Eco-friendly process
    • Restore your space
    • Save time and effort
    Driveway cleaning

    About Eco Cleaning Brisbane

    We are committed to offering the best service

    Eco Cleaning is the leading pressure washing company serving Brisbane homes and businesses for more than 20 years. Our experienced team provides superior exterior cleaning services using professional grade power washing equipment and eco-friendly chemicals.

    Our licensed and insured cleaners have the expertise to safely clean and protect all surfaces including brick, concrete, timber, tiles, and more. We are committed to outstanding results and take pride in leaving your property looking like new again. With Eco Cleaning, you can trust you’ll receive the highest quality pressure washing services tailored to your needs.

    Contact us today to transform the exterior of your home or business! We also offer Window cleaning service all over the brisbane region.

    • Licensed and insured
    • Locally owned and operated
    • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions
    • Latest power washing equipment
    • Residential and commercial services
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Free estimates
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    High-pressure cleaning

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    Reach out to us at: 07 3189 2759 - Call us to speak with a pressure washing specialist and schedule service. [email protected] - Email us your service request and exterior cleaning needs.
    We look forward to helping refresh the exterior of your home or business!

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      Pressure washing is a cleaning technique used to remove stubborn stains using high pressure water spray on surface. It can be with Cold Temperature or Hot temperature.

      • It is used on Concrete to remove mold, Gum, dirt and stains
      • It is used on Wood decks to restore the discoloration of the surface
      • It is used in houses to remove pollution, mildew and other problematic signs of aging.

      Usually a pressure clean is done annually, but this situation varies upon the condition of the surface to be cleaned. But choosing Eco Cleaning cleaning once a Pressure clean is done it would last for 3-5 years.

      Prices will vary on the size of the property and the service required. Our team will to a Free of charge inspection prior to the job and provides you with a Free Quotation.

      Yes, it does! Pressure washing can damage any soft surface and also it can damage Vinyl siding if used the wrong techniques. At Eco cleaning Brisbane, our Team is professionally trained to advice on the best required service upon the condition of the area and to provide the service with NO damage.

      Yes, you may do it by yourself, but to achieve the best results it is advised you hire a professional team to do the job for you, since they have the best latest equipment, and well trained on the techniques to be used depending on the condition of the surface. So leave the pressure with us we will do the best for you!

      Depending on the condition of the surface and the pressure washing technique applied the usage of products might vary. Some of the common chemicals used are ammonia, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, potassium hydroxide, citric acid, oxalic acid etc.

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