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Cleaning Hacks for College Students and Small Apartments

Cleaning Advice / March 4, 2024


Balancing studies, work, social lives and household chores can be a tricky juggling act for college students living in cramped dorms or small apartments. When time is short and spaces smaller, keeping your living area tidy might slide down the priority list. However, letting the dirt and mess accumulate can take a toll on your health and well-being.

Implementing some clever cleaning hacks tailored for college students and small spaces can make maintenance far more manageable. Read on for tips to make light work of heavy cleaning.

Start With A Speedy Surface Spruce-Up

When unexpected visitors drop by or it’s time for a Zoom lecture and your space is less than pristine, quick tidying tricks help restore order fast. Start by clearing clutter – sweep everything on floors, counters and tabletops into boxes and bags. Shove them in closets or under beds for now.

Next, remove dirt and grime from surfaces. For a speedy bang-up job, keep a spray bottle filled with a DIY cleaning solution handy. Just mix equal parts water and vinegar and add several drops of essential oil in your favourite scent. Spritz onto hard surfaces, then wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. The naturally antibacterial and deodorising cleaning combo disinfects as it cuts through grease fast.

Make Multiple Use Of Versatile Essentials

Cleaning gear suitable for compact college digs pulls double or triple duty so you get more use out of fewer items. For example, a simple broom paired with a dustpan that has a squeegee edge and built-in brush lets you sweep up dirt and debris as well as wet mop floors.

Look for 2-in-1 cleaning brushes too. These have both soft and stiff bristles on either side, so you can scrub dirty dishes, counters, sinks, showers, bathtubs and more with just one handy tool.

Choose multi-surface cleaning sprays as well to cut down on cleaning product clutter. Formulas that work on glass, stainless steel, granite and other hard surfaces reduce the number of specialised cleaners needed.

Clean Smarter, Not Harder

When tackling heavier-duty cleaning, work smarter not harder for easier maintenance without excessive effort. For example, prevent clogged drains and bad odours by pouring a kettle full of boiling water mixed with baking soda and vinegar down sinks and shower drains weekly. Let the solution bubble and work its magic for several minutes before rinsing with cool water.

Speaking of laundry, skip the chore of pretreating stained clothes. Just add vinegar, baking soda or diluted lemon juice straight into the wash cycle and let your laundry detergent and machine power do all the hard work.

For scrubbing tile, bathtubs, showers and glass, rub with halved lemons or lemon-soaked dish scrubs instead of harsh chemicals. Let the citric acid cut through soap scum for pure, sparkling results.

Make Maintenance A Breeze With Scheduled Cleaning

Trying to tackle multiple overdue chores in a single, giant marathon session only leads to burnout fast. Make maintenance more manageable by tackling one or two tasks per day instead. Regular light cleaning prevents dirt and grime buildup so heavy scrubbing is rarely required.

Assemble or print out a simple visual cleaning checklist divided into daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Quick 2-minute daily duties might include wiping counters, sinks and tabletops or straightening shoes and bags by the door.

Do laundry, change sheets, scrub toilets, floors and showers weekly. Monthly list additions could cover cleaning out the fridge, dusting fans and vents and wiping down walls and light fixtures. Review at the start of each week and schedule time to cross duties off the list.

Turn Chores Into Mini Social Events

Making cleaning a solo activity can feel like lonely, tedious drudgery. Instead, invite friends over for short chore party sessions. Crank some music, order a pizza and assign each person simple quick cleaning tasks like dusting, wiping or decluttering a single area.

Many hands make for light work. Team up to blitz through more intensive duties like scrubbing bathrooms, ovens or windows in team cleaning sprints. Add competitive fun by setting timers to see who can whizz through their designated zone the fastest!

Embrace Lazy Cleaning Strategies

Can’t face full cleaning mode? Take the laziest route possible to these college cleaning essentials for sparkling results with minimal effort.

Sweep and mop floors while still in slippers by attaching microfiber mop or duster sleeves onto the bottoms with rubber bands. Slide around to remove dust and dirt from hard flooring sans buckets required!

Let gravity help cut cleaning time in half. To easily eliminate shower glass doors covered in hard water and soap scum stains, coat them with car wax then simply let water rinse the residue away. The rain shower effect leaves the glass pristine and wipes down fast next time.

Skip scrubbing barely dirty dishes. Just fill cups or bowls with water and a drop of soap. Microwave two minutes till steaming hot – heat lifts grime so a quick swipe with a sponge cuts through any remaining grease fast.

Why Choose Eco Cleaning Brisbane?

As a leading cleaning company serving Brisbane for over 20 years, our cleaners can implement all these college cleaning hacks and more to keep your dorm or apartment spotless. Our team uses effective yet eco-friendly products and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver exceptional results tailored to busy students’ schedules. Contact us today for affordable cleaning quotes from our insured, bonded cleaners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning For College Students

Should I clean my small apartment or dorm room daily?

It’s best to tackle quick cleaning tasks like wiping kitchen counters or tidying clutter daily. This prevents grime and dirt from building up, so heavier scrubbing is rarely needed.

What’s the quickest way to clean floors in a cramped dorm room?

Attach a microfiber mop sleeve onto slipper bottoms with rubber bands. Slide around to sweep and mop simultaneously for super-fast floor cleaning!

How can I easily remove soap scum from glass shower doors?

Simply coat doors with car wax and let water rinse residue away for a rain shower effect. The wax prevents buildup so the glass just needs a fast wipe next time.

What’s the easiest cleaning checklist for students to follow?

Print out or post daily, weekly and monthly checklists. Assign quick 2-minute tasks for daily upkeep like wiping counters or organising shoes. Do laundry, scrub showers etc weekly. Full clean fridges, and dust vents monthly.

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