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Cleaning Services for Airbnb Hosts: Creating a 5-Star Guest Experience

Cleaning Advice / January 31, 2024


Providing a clean, comfortable, and inviting space is key to getting 5-star reviews and repeat bookings from Airbnb guests. For hosts managing multiple properties or with busy schedules, hiring professional cleaners can help take the hassle out of preparing homes between guest stays. Read on for tips on choosing and working with cleaning services to create an exceptional guest experience.

The Importance of Cleanliness for Airbnb Hosts

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors guests use to rate their Airbnb experience. In fact, Airbnb’s review system specifically allows guests to rate cleanliness on a scale of one to five stars. Properties with less than a 4-star cleanliness rating risk getting fewer bookings and lower nightly rates.

A spotlessly clean home conveys care, attention to detail, and respect for guests. Thorough cleaning between stays also reduces the spread of germs and potential for cross-contamination when new guests arrive. For these reasons, cleanliness should be a top priority for Airbnb hosts. Hiring professional cleaners is an effective way to maintain consistently high standards.

Choosing a Professional Cleaning Service

When selecting a cleaning service, look for these key indicators of quality and reliability:

  • Specialised experience cleaning for Airbnb properties
  • Consistent processes for each clean
  • Vetted, trained cleaners
  • Guaranteed satisfaction policies
  • Flexible scheduling for turnovers
  • Competitive rates and discounts for regular service
  • Bonding and insurance to protect property

Top-rated services invest seriously in recruiting skilled cleaners, training them thoroughly, and standardising procedures across their teams. This level of quality control helps ensure each clean meets expectations. Opt for services with plenty of experience specifically cleaning for Airbnb turnover. Their familiarity with short-term rental properties can be a big advantage.

Setting Expectations

Be very clear from the start about what cleaning tasks are required between each guest stay. Provide a detailed cleaning checklist itemising everything the cleaners will be responsible for accomplishing. Expectations might include:

  • Changing all linens, towels, bedding
  • Thorough cleaning of all rooms, surfaces, fixtures
  • Scrubbing bathrooms, kitchen, appliances
  • Restocking toiletries, supplies
  • Taking out trash, recycling
  • Basic tidying/organisation

Many services offer different package levels from basic cleans focused just on linens and surfaces to deeper “refreshes” that might also include laundry or more extensive tidying. Be sure the package you choose covers the necessary tasks.

Effective Communication

Consistent communication with cleaners leads to better performance. Share checklists, property access instructions, schedules, and contact information. Be responsive to any questions or issues cleaners encounter.

Provide a way for cleaners to report any maintenance needs or damage they notice. And ask for their feedback—they may have useful suggestions for improving efficiency or ideas to enhance the guest experience. Fostering open, collaborative communication ensures everyone is working together to exceed expectations.

Addressing Problems

Should any problems arise with missed tasks or inadequate cleaning, address the issues professionally and constructively with the service provider. They likely aim to deliver consistent, high-quality experiences just like Airbnb hosts do. Work together to clarify expectations and improve processes. Most services appreciate the chance to promptly correct any oversights and refund fees if warranted.

If problems persist, then it may be time to reevaluate the partnership. But in general, effective communication and establishing shared objectives results in positive working relationships and exemplary cleanliness.

Enhancing the Guest Experience

Beyond just cleanliness, little touches of hospitality can further elevate the guest experience:

  • Welcome letter with local recommendations
  • Light snacks, coffee, and tea
  • Luxury toiletries and fresh flowers
  • Turn-down service with chocolates on the pillow
  • Soothing background music playing softly

Discuss providing these upgrades with your cleaners or establish processes for hosts to handle personally. Going above and beyond on the little details can really wow guests and lead to those 5-star reviews.

Professional Cleaning for Peace of Mind

By taking care of the painstaking work of cleaning and turnover, a high-quality cleaning service allows Airbnb hosts to focus on the bigger picture of hospitality and guest satisfaction. The consistency, reliability, and thoroughness of professional cleaners lead to stellar guest experiences. And positive reviews and repeat bookings let hosts reap the rewards.

Eco Cleaning Brisbane provides exceptional cleaning services for Airbnb hosts in the Brisbane area. Their team of insured, experienced cleaners delivers consistent 5-star cleanliness. Customised packages and flexible scheduling simplify turnover cleans. And their deep understanding of guest satisfaction helps hosts enhance every stay. For quotes and bookings, contact the friendly team at Eco Cleaning Brisbane today.

How often should I have my Airbnb cleaned between guests?

The best practice is to have the property thoroughly cleaned after each guest’s stay. This helps provide a sanitary, fresh environment for the next group.

Should I leave a gratuity for the cleaners?

Tipping is optional. Some hosts choose to leave a modest tip as a thank-you for stellar service. But tips generally aren’t expected on top of the cleaning fee.

What supplies should I stock for cleaners?

Provide all cleaning products, tools, linens, and consumables needed. Ask cleaners to alert you when inventory is running low. Stocking adequate supplies makes their job easier.

Can I customise cleaning tasks?

Absolutely. Review the checklist with cleaners in detail and clarify any specialised tasks you need handled, whether daily, weekly, or less often. Communicate any preference adjustments.

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