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Gym Cleaning Routines: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tasks

Cleaning Advice / May 29, 2024


People come to your gym to work out so that they can stay fit and healthy. They sweat here daily, in and out. If you don’t maintain cleanliness and hygiene, it can spread germs and diseases. You may lose members and reputation. Therefore, cleanliness is a must. 

But it’s not easy, especially if you don’t have gym cleaning routines. A routine gym cleaning with a checklist ensures nothing is missed. Besides, you can figure out what things you can take care of and when you need to call the professionals. 

Weekly gym tasks

A Complete Gym Cleaning Routine

You don’t necessarily have to go through a thorough cleaning process every day. A few things require daily cleaning, while some are okay to clean weekly or monthly. Check the table below for an overview of the cleaning tasks.

Daily tasksWeekly tasksMonthly tasks
Front deskMats and carpetsWalls
Locker roomsWindowsVentilation systems
Changing areasWater fountainsCeiling
Workout areaMirrors
Tables and ChairsRestroom deep cleaning
Wipe equipmentsFloors deep cleaning
Trans cansAll equipments cleaning
Monthly gym maintenance

Checklist for Daily Gym Cleaning

Daily cleaning is crucial for gym sanitation. Most parts of the place need daily wiping for proper hygiene and a healthy environment. 

Front Desk and Reception Area

The reception area is the first thing a new member will notice. It needs to be clean and well-decorated. To keep the place clean, wipe the chairs and tables daily. Check if the hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes need refilling. 

Do you keep pens or any touchscreens for shared screens? Then, clean them with disinfecting cleansers as they often spread germs. Like most reception areas, if there is a trash can, empty it and replace the liners. Use a microfibre mop and water to clean the floor. 

Changing Area and Locker Room Hygiene

Your gym members use the changing areas and locker rooms to get ready for workouts. Keep these areas clean and disinfected after each day. Wipe down benches and lockers. Empty trash cans regularly and ensure shoes and toilets are spotless. A clean changing area keeps members comfortable and coming back. 

Workout Area Maintenance

The workout areas must be cleaned daily. Otherwise, they can spread germs. Members can get ill and be discouraged from returning. Since exercise equipment cleaning is the most important part of daily gym cleaning, follow the checklist carefully. Clorox disinfecting wipes will be handy during the chores:

  • Wipe down handles, buttons, benches, and weight plates on all equipment. Using only water is not enough; add some disinfectant to prepare a cleaning solution. 
  • Pay attention to cardio machine sanitisation as well. Use disinfectant wipes or Lysol disinfectant spray and cloths to clean seats, handlebars, consoles, and touchscreens. Make sure no sweat build-up remains. 
  • Sanitise mats, exercise balls, and other workout props for yoga studio hygiene. 
  • You can use sweat-resistant surfaces to reduce sweat build-on. These surfaces should be cleaned on a daily basis, too. 

Clean the Common Areas

Find out the spaces that are shared by all gym members, staff, and personal trainers. Clean all the benches, treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, racks, dumbbells, TRX straps, etc. 

And don’t forget about gym bathroom cleaning. Since they are used by multiple people, it’s better to clean them daily. 

  • Disinfect toilets, sinks, and showers. 
  • Refill soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc., if needed. 
  • Wipe mirrors and sweep the floor. 
Gym cleaning routines

Weekly Checklist for Gym Cleaning

Weekly cleaning must remain restricted to just wiping and sweeping. You have to go beyond that to ensure the safety of your gym members. 

Preparation for Weekly Cleaning

Since it’s going to be a deep cleaning mission, you need some preparations. For instance:

  • Give a notice to the members about the cleaning time to keep the traffic minimum.
  • Gather all gym cleaning supplies, such as microfibre cloths, spray bottles, paper towels, disinfectant wipes for gyms, etc. 

Equipment Cleaning

Clean all the equipment thoroughly. You may need to move or disassemble equipment pieces to clean underneath and behind them. Pay attention to nooks and crannies. These are the areas your cleaning staff can overlook during the daily cleanings. 

You should also inspect the bolts of the weight machines and other equipment. Make sure they are in the optimal condition and tighten them if needed. 

Restroom Deep Cleaning

During the deep cleaning, make sure no space remains untouched. Clean and disinfect toilets, sinks, and surrounding areas. Scrub shower walls, floors, and fixtures to remove soap scum. You cannot forget shower heads and drains, either. Finally, mop floors with disinfecting to eliminate dirt, sweat, and lingering odours.

Deep Cleaning Other Areas

Run a deep cleaning throughout the gym. Don’t leave any part untouched. You need to wash, sweep, and clean the mats, gym floors, windows, mats, carpet, and mirrors. 

For mats and carpet cleaning, use a vacuum first to remove loose dirt, hair, and surface debris. Spot cleaning with a carpet cleaning solution can be helpful for minor stains. Instead of using harsh chemicals, try baking soda and lime. Baking soda absorbs odour and gives the carpet a fresh vibe. 

Next, you need to clean and sanitise the water fountains for fresh and hygienic water. Inspect them regularly and see if they are working properly or if there are any leaks or malfunctions. Change the filter regularly as per the manual. 

Gym hygiene tips

Monthly Gym Cleaning Routine

Some areas do not need frequent cleaning. Monthly cleaning is alright. This time, you need to focus on the walls, ceiling, and ventilation system, along with the equipment and gym floor cleaning. This will improve the air quality and appearance of the gym. 

While cleaning the vents, check on the air filters. If needed, change them. It reduces dust and allergens and makes it easy to breathe during workouts. 

Use a damp microfiber cloth and gym-safe disinfectant solution to clean the walls. Roofs and ceilings can be tricky to clean yourself. You had better hire professionals for the task. If you don’t want to take help from professionals, follow these tips:

  • Use a step ladder to reach the ceiling and have someone there for safety.
  • A damp mop with an extension pole is good enough for low ceilings.
  • Do the ceilings have textures? Try gentle scrubbing motion and avoid harsh abrasives. 
Fitness center cleaning (1)

Why Hire Eco Cleaning Brisbane

You see, cleaning a gymnasium requires you to have expertise and certain skills. Your staff can take care of the daily activities. But for weekly or monthly deep cleaning, you need professional assistance. Eco Cleaning Brisbane has been a trusted brand for gym owners, fitness centre managers, and gym equipment suppliers. 

We offer a complete fitness centre deep cleaning and disinfection service, from exercise mat disinfection and weight room cleanliness to gym roof, wall, window cleaning, and all. 

Besides, at Eco Cleaning Brisbane, we only collect cleaning products from green cleaning supply retailers. These products are free of toxic elements. They kill germs naturally, reduce odour, and keep the place hygienic. Your air quality won’t be affected by these eco-friendly cleaning supplies. 

Final Words

You need to maintain gym cleaning routines to ensure the health and safety of your gym members and staff. It should be done daily, weekly, and monthly. If you need help from a professional janitorial service provider, then call Eco Cleaning Brisbane for natural cleaning solutions. We ensure you maintain all the requirements set by health and safety organisations. Your gym will be clean, and so is your reputation.

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