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Germ Hotspots: Areas in the Office That Need Extra Attention

Cleaning Advice / April 4, 2024


Your employees would be spending a considerable amount of time at the office. You are responsible for providing them with a clean environment to work. That’s where office cleaning comes into play. During office cleaning, you should pay more attention to a few areas than others. Let’s take a look at a few such areas that would require extra attention in your Brisbane office. 

Desks and workstations 

When you walk around the office, you will notice that desks and workstations are the germiest areas of your office. That’s because your employees are using them throughout the day. Keyboards, mice, and phone receivers can hold massive amounts of bacteria. In fact, they can have more bacteria than a toilet seat. That’s why you need to pay special attention to desk sanitisation. However, you should also be using cleaning supplies that are safe for employees when cleaning.

Door handles and other touch surfaces 

People at your office would often touch door handles, light switches, and other similar surfaces. As a result, you can also consider them as prime germ hotspots within the office. In fact, they can also become the germiest areas of your home. That’s why you should never ignore such high-touch areas during commercial workplace cleaning. You must also regularly disinfect them. It is better if you can install hands-free door openers and automatic lights so that you can minimise human contact with them.

Break rooms and kitchens 

Breakrooms and kitchens are the places where your employees would socialise, consume food, and prepare meals. These places can often become germ hotspots in your office. However, they are often overlooked as well. That’s why you can think about encouraging the employees to pay attention to maintaining hygiene in such areas. You can encourage them to clean up after themselves and wipe down countertops. On top of that, you can request the employees to store food properly as well. 


It is obvious that you need to pay extra attention to the restrooms to combat the spread of germs. You need to make sure that the restrooms are stocked with appropriate cleaning and hygiene items. They include hand soap, paper towels, and toilet paper. Then you need to encourage the employees to follow proper hygiene practices when using restrooms. You can also think about posting a guide to the restrooms so that employees can pay quick attention. For example, there can be a guide on how to use hand soap and wash hands properly. 

Apart from that, you need to regularly clean and disinfect the toilets. It is better if you can do it multiple times a day. Pay more attention to the toilets, sinks, and other high-touch surfaces of the restrooms such as faucets and door handles. Automatic soap dispensers, faucets, and other similar amenities can help you with minimising the spread of germs within the restrooms.

Conference and meeting rooms 

Both the conference and meeting rooms of your office are high-traffic areas. Those are the places where your employees would gather to collaborate with each other and share ideas. However, these places can also become germ hotspots. This is where you need to implement strict cleaning protocols. You can also get commercial cleaning services to wipe down tables, chairs, and all other shared equipment. It is better to have a few sanitary stations so that they can also help you with keeping things clean. 

Elevator buttons and handrails

Elevators are confined spaces, where germs can spread pretty fast. All people who use the elevators would touch elevator buttons. Hence, they can become breeding grounds for germs. Likewise, most people who use the stairs would touch handrails as well. This is why you need to focus on cleaning them every single day. To enhance overall hygiene, it is better to get touch-free elevator controls installed.

Water cooler systems and coffee machines 

The water coolers and coffee machines that you have in the communal areas also receive a lot of human touch throughout the day. That’s because all people would come to them to hydrate and caffeinate. Without proper maintenance, they can become breeding grounds for germs. You may encourage the employees to use disposable cups or bring their own reusable water bottles. Then you can minimise the risk of cross-contamination. Along with that, you must also get expert cleaning services to clean these areas regularly.

Air quality and ventilation systems 

The ventilation system would not be a visible germ hotspot. However, you need to keep in mind that poor air quality spreading through the ventilation system can trigger numerous airborne illnesses in your office. If you want to ensure overall hygiene, you should also be mindful of this. 

Before that, you need to make sure that your office has adequate ventilation. You may also consider investing your money to buy air purifiers. They can help you with improving overall indoor air quality. Likewise, you should regularly maintain and replace air filters in your HVAC systems. Then you can remove contaminants and improve overall air circulation.

Final Words 

Office cleaning is not something that you can simply ignore. Make sure that you provide the best working conditions for all your employees. Then you can expect them to offer their work with maximum productivity. If you are searching for an expert team of commercial workplace cleaners, Eco Cleaning Brisbane is there to help. 

Eco Cleaning Brisbane works with numerous offices around Brisbane to offer reliable cleaning services. The best thing about their cleaning services is that you can customise them according to your needs. Feel free to get in touch with Eco Cleaning Brisbane today and get much-needed support with keeping your office space clean. 

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