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Gym Cleaning Checklist: Ensuring All Areas Are Sanitised

Cleaning Advice / January 2, 2024


Creating a clean and welcoming gym environment is not just about aesthetics; it’s a fundamental aspect of ensuring health and safety for all members and staff. At Eco Cleaning Brisbane, we understand the importance of a meticulously clean fitness centre. Our team, renowned for professional services and customer satisfaction in Brisbane, presents a comprehensive gym cleaning checklist to ensure every corner of your facility sparkles with cleanliness and hygiene.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Front Desk and Reception Areas:

  • Clean and sanitise the front desk, including equipment like keyboards and mice.
  • Disinfect chairs, tables, pens, clipboards, and touchscreens.
  • Refill hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes.
  • Empty trash bins and replace liners.
  • Sweep and mop the floor.

Locker Rooms and Changing Areas:

  • Clean and sanitise toilets, urinals, sinks, and countertops.
  • Refill soap and paper towel dispensers.
  • Mop floors with a disinfectant solution.
  • Sanitise shower stalls, benches, lockers, and shower areas.

Workout Areas:

  • Sanitise cardio equipment, weight machines, benches, and free weights.
  • Clean mats, foam rollers, and other shared items.
  • Sweep, vacuum, and refill disinfectant spray bottles and paper towels​​​​.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

  • Dust and wipe down surfaces throughout the gym.
  • Deep clean equipment, especially hard-to-reach areas.
  • Clean windows and mirrors.
  • Sanitise water fountains and bottle filling stations​​​​.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

  • Inspect and tighten bolts on equipment.
  • Deep clean carpets and rugs.
  • Clean ventilation systems and air filters​​​​.

Quarterly and Annual Cleaning Tasks

  • Arrange professional carpet cleaning.
  • Inspect walls for scuffs or damage and perform necessary touch-ups.
  • Conduct a routine pest control check.
  • Perform a deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and all gym equipment​​​​.

Why Cleanliness in Gyms is Non-Negotiable

A pristine gym is vital for several reasons:

  • Health and Safety: Regular cleaning reduces the risk of infections from bacteria and viruses.
  • Member Satisfaction: A clean gym enhances the overall experience, encouraging members to return.
  • Longevity of Equipment: Clean equipment is less likely to suffer from wear and tear.
  • Professional Image: A well-maintained gym reflects positively on its reputation​​.

Implementing the Checklist

  • Develop the checklist: Tailor it to your gym’s specific needs.
  • Assign responsibilities: Clearly outline who is responsible for each task.
  • Establish a schedule: Determine how frequently each task should be performed.
  • Train staff: Ensure they understand the importance of each task and how to perform them effectively​​​​.

Essential Areas to Include

  • Exercise Equipment: Regularly wipe down and disinfect all machines and accessories.
  • Floors: Pay special attention to high-traffic zones.
  • Locker Rooms: Ensure they are clean and well-stocked with necessary supplies.
  • Restrooms: Regularly cleaned and sanitised​​.

Tips for a Spotless Gym

  • Use the right cleaning products: Opt for high-quality disinfectants and microfiber cloths.
  • Focus on high-touch areas: Such as door handles and equipment controls.
  • Encourage member participation: Provide wipes for members to use on equipment before and after use​​​​.


How often should gym equipment be sanitised?

Gym equipment should be sanitised after each use to prevent the spread of germs.

What are the best cleaning products for a gym?

Use EPA-approved disinfectants and microfiber cloths for effective cleaning.

Can regular gym users assist in maintaining cleanliness?

Yes, encouraging members to wipe down equipment before and after use greatly assists in maintaining a clean environment.

How does a clean gym benefit the members?

A clean gym ensures a healthier environment, reducing the risk of disease and enhancing the overall workout experience.

At Eco Cleaning Brisbane, we are committed to providing top-tier cleaning services to fitness centres in Brisbane. Our professional team is dedicated to ensuring your gym remains a pristine, welcoming environment for all your members. For instant quotes and exceptional service, call our team at 07 3189 2759. Let us help you maintain the cleanliness and reputation of your facility.

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