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How Frequently Should You Deep Clean Office Furniture and Flooring?

Cleaning Advice / December 19, 2023


Ensuring a clean and healthy workspace is not just about daily dusting and vacuuming. Deep cleaning of office furniture and flooring is vital for a hygienic environment. But how often should this task be undertaken?

Understanding Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning goes beyond the routine cleaning process. It involves thoroughly sanitising and cleaning every nook and cranny of office furniture and flooring, which can often harbour dust, allergens, and germs.

Furniture Deep Clean

Office furniture, from chairs and desks to sofas in the lounge area, requires regular attention. Here’s a recommended schedule for deep cleaning:

Chairs and Sofas: Fabric upholstery can accumulate dirt and germs. Aim for a deep clean every six months.

Desks and Tables: These surfaces are in constant use and should be deep cleaned quarterly.

Cabinets and Bookshelves: These often overlooked areas should be deep cleaned at least twice a year.

Flooring: The Foundation of Office Cleanliness

Flooring type dictates the deep cleaning frequency:

Carpeted Floors: These should be deep cleaned every six months to remove embedded dirt and maintain air quality.

Hard Floors: Whether it’s tile, vinyl, or wood, hard floors should be deep cleaned quarterly to preserve their appearance and longevity.

Deep Cleaning Techniques: Ensuring Thoroughness

Various methods can be employed for deep cleaning, each suited to different materials and types of dirt. Steam cleaning, for example, is effective for carpets and upholstery.

Signs It’s Time for a Deep Clean

Visible Stains and Spots: These are clear indicators.

Allergic Reactions: If employees are sneezing more often, it could be due to dust and allergens.

Odours: Unpleasant smells are a telltale sign.

Employee Involvement: Enhancing Cleaning Practices

Educating employees on maintaining cleanliness between professional cleanings is crucial. Simple practices like wiping down their workstations daily can make a big difference.

Professional Help: When to Call In the Experts

While regular cleaning can be managed in-house, deep cleaning usually requires professional services. They have the expertise and equipment to do a thorough job.

Final Thoughts on Office Cleanliness

A clean office is a productive and healthy office. Regular deep cleaning is an investment in your business’s most important asset – its people.


What’s the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning?

Regular cleaning involves surface-level tasks, while deep cleaning is more comprehensive, reaching deep into fibers and crevices.

How often should carpets in an office be deep cleaned?

Ideally, every six months, especially in high-traffic areas.

Can regular employees conduct deep cleaning?

While they can handle day-to-day cleaning, deep cleaning usually requires professional skills and equipment.

Are there any specific signs that indicate the need for a deep clean?

Yes, signs like persistent odours, visible dirt, and increased allergic reactions among employees suggest it’s time for a deep clean.

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