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How Often Should You Schedule Window Cleaning for Optimal Results?

Cleaning Advice / November 22, 2023


Are you staring out your windows, squinting through the dust and grime, wondering, “When was the last time I had these cleaned?” Well, you’re not alone! Windows are like the eyes of your home – they need regular care to stay sparkling. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of window cleaning frequency for that crystal-clear view.

Why Clean Windows Matter

First off, let’s chat about why keeping your windows clean is a big deal. It’s not just about the aesthetics, although who doesn’t love a shiny window? Clean windows let in more natural light, boosting your mood and saving a bit on the electricity bill. Plus, regular cleaning prevents window damage, keeps those nasty allergens at bay, and, let’s be honest, it just feels good to look through a clean window.

The Ideal Window Cleaning Schedule

Now, how often should you give your windows a good scrub? The short answer: it depends. But don’t worry, I’m here to break it down for you.

  1. Residential Windows: For the average Aussie home, cleaning your windows twice a year should do the trick. Aim for a spring clean to wash away the residue of those hot, dusty summers, and then again in autumn to prep for the wetter months.
  2. Coastal Homes: Living by the sea, eh? Lucky you! But, salt spray can be a real pain for your windows. If you’re in a coastal area, consider upping the ante to every three to four months to keep that salty build-up in check.
  3. Urban and Industrial Areas: City dwellers, listen up! Pollution and grime can accumulate quicker in urban environments. If you’re in the thick of the city, a quarterly clean is your best bet to keep those city views crisp.
  4. Commercial Buildings: For businesses, first impressions count. Depending on the type of business and location, monthly to quarterly cleaning is ideal. Retail stores and restaurants might need more frequent cleans to keep up appearances.
  5. Rural and Bushland Homes: Out in the sticks, you’ve got other issues like dust and pollen. Twice a year should be enough, but after a particularly dusty season or a pollen-heavy spring, a quick clean might be needed.

DIY or Professional?

Alright, so should you tackle this yourself or call in the pros? DIY is great for the budget-savvy and those with smaller homes. Just arm yourself with the right tools – a squeegee, a bucket of soapy water, and some elbow grease.

But for those hard-to-reach windows, or if you’re just not keen on climbing ladders, a professional window cleaner is your go-to. They’ve got the skills, equipment, and insurance (just in case). Plus, they can spot any potential window issues, like cracks or sealant problems.

The Little Extras

While you’re at it, don’t forget about the window tracks and screens. They need love too! A quick vacuum and wipe-down every time you clean the windows can prevent gunk build-up and ensure your windows operate smoothly.

What About Bad Weather?

Got a cleaning scheduled and it looks like rain? No worries! Rain doesn’t dirty windows – dirt does. If your windows are already clean, rain will simply roll right off. In fact, a rainy day after a clean can even help rinse away any leftover dirt.

Eco-Friendly Tips

Thinking green? Choose biodegradable soap for your window cleaning. It’s kind to the environment and does a bang-up job. Also, using a microfiber cloth or newspaper reduces lint and is a great way to recycle.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, how often you clean your windows can vary based on where you live and your lifestyle. But as a rule of thumb, twice a year for homes, and up to monthly for businesses should keep your windows in tip-top shape. Remember, clean windows aren’t just about the view; they’re about preserving your property and enjoying your space to the fullest.

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