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How Often Should Your Office Be Professionally Cleaned?

Cleaning Advice / November 27, 2023


Professional cleaning services promote hygiene, health, and positivity in your office. Employees enjoy working in a clean office environment. An unclean office looks unprofessional and affects productivity. It costs your reputation to the customers as well. The frequency of cleaning depends on various factors. Your office size, industry, budget, etc., play roles in it. Besides, some areas demand more frequent cleaning. You can set your contract with office cleaners based on your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning requirements. 

Factors that Influence Office Cleaning Frequency

Different factors contribute to the frequency of office cleaning. You need to consider the following criteria when planning for cleaning routines.

Professional cleaners

Number of Staff and visitors

More people means more dirt and clutter. If you have only 4-5 employees, there won’t be much to clean. However, when you have 20+ employees, the scenario is different. Do you have visiting customers? If yes, then you need to be more serious about deep cleaning. It’s important for both hygiene and your business reputation. 

With many people, surfaces get dirty quickly. Desks, floors, and common areas need regular cleaning. More staff also means more waste. So, the bins need to be emptied often. It stops the spread of germs and diseases. Your office needs less cleaning with fewer staff. But regular cleaning is still important. A clean office helps everyone work better and makes the office look nice and professional. 

Your Business Industry

The business industry affects how often you need cleaning. For example, medical offices need more cleaning. Health and safety rules are strict there. Food and pharmaceutical businesses also need frequent cleaning. Office hygiene is very important in these places. The accumulation of dust and dirt can affect the products or quality of service.

On the contrary, some offices may need less cleaning. Tech offices, law firms, finance companies, etc., for example. But they still need regular cleaning to keep the space nice. Cleaning professionals know how to clean each type of office. They use the right tools and methods. This keeps the office clean and safe. Regular cleaning helps meet health and safety standards in all industries.

Routine cleaning schedules

The Weather Conditions

The weather affects how often an office needs cleaning. In rainy seasons, people track in mud and water. This makes floors dirty quickly. Snowy weather brings in salt and slush, which can also make floors messy. Wet conditions can cause more dust and dirt to build up inside.

In dry and windy weather, dust can enter the office more easily. This settles on surfaces and makes the place look dirty. Pollen during spring can increase the need for cleaning, especially when windows are open. Humid weather can lead to mould and mildew growth. It needs more frequent commercial cleaning to maintain a healthy environment. 

Commercial cleaning can keep your office clean at all seasons. It ensures your office remains welcoming and safe for staff and visitors.  

Facilities Your Office Provides

The types of facilities you provide also affect the cleaning routine.  Certain office facilities need more cleaning, such as.”

  • Restrooms: High use means more germs. Regular cleaning is essential for office sanitation.
  • Kitchens: Food areas attract dirt and bacteria.
  • Meeting rooms: Frequent use requires regular cleaning.
  • Reception areas: Since it’s the place with the most traffic, it requires more cleaning, too. 
  • Desks and workstations: Shared spaces need cleaning for germ and bacteria control.

Regular cleaning in these areas helps with office sanitation. It also controls the spread of germs and bacteria.

Office cleanliness standards

Office Size

The size of your office affects cleaning needs. A large office has more space to clean. It needs more time and effort. You need a regular cleaning schedule to keep it tidy. Small offices are easier to clean. However, if you have more employees working in a smaller place, then you need to do more cleaning. It becomes difficult to maintain health standards in such areas. Make a contract with professional cleaners to clean more frequently. Otherwise, the risk of germs spreading and employee sickness will increase. It affects business productivity and growth simultaneously. 

When to Book for Professional Cleaning?

You won’t need professional cleaners regularly if you have dedicated staff for cleaning. However, you still need to hire them for occasional cleaning. The following signs are your hint for this:

The Kitchen Is Smelly

Book professional cleaning when the kitchen is smelly. A bad smell means there is dirt or old food. This can attract pests and germs and lead to health risks. It also makes the office unpleasant. Employees won’t feel good working in the kitchen or eating the food prepared there. You need deep cleaning done by professionals in such cases. 

A regular cleaning schedule with professionals helps prevent bad smells. They can clean all surfaces and appliances. They can reach every corner and remove hidden dirt. This keeps the kitchen fresh and healthy. A dirty kitchen can spread germs, cause bad smells, and lower staff morale. 

Clean office environment

Poor Air Quality

Poor air quality in the office can lead to health issues and discomfort among staff. The presence of dust and allergens in the air signals the need for immediate cleaning. Professional cleaning can improve air quality by:

  • Removing dust, pollen, and allergens from surfaces and carpets.
  • Cleaning ventilation systems to ensure proper airflow.
  • Using HEPA filters in vacuums to trap small particles.
  • Regularly changing air filters to reduce airborne pollutants.
  • Cleaning curtains, blinds, and upholstery to remove dust and allergens.
  • Using eco-friendly cleaning products that do not emit harmful chemicals.

Carpets Are Dirty

Book professional cleaning when carpets are dirty. Dirty carpets hold dust and allergens. This can affect the air quality and employee health. Carpets get dirty quickly and easily. The more traffic you have, the dirtier they get.

Professional cleaners have advanced equipment for cleaning carpets. Depending on your carpet, they may apply steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or shampooing. Clean carpets can improve workplace cleanliness. They make the office look nice and fresh.  

Disinfection protocols

Employees Are Getting Sick

Employees asking for frequent sick leave is not a good sign. This hints you need to pay attention to office hygiene. 

  • Dirty surfaces harbour bacteria and viruses that can cause illnesses like colds and flu.
  • Dust, mould, and pollen in a dirty office can trigger allergies and respiratory issues.
  • Shared spaces like kitchens and bathrooms can spread illnesses if not properly cleaned.
  • According to Copernicus Health Club, air pollution can lead to psychological distress.

Dull Looking Reception and Lobby Areas

Lobbies and receptions are often the most visited areas. Reception creates the first impression. If they are dirty, visitors will get an unprofessional vibe. If your office has a reception area, it should be cleaned regularly. A clean reception shows you care about details. It improves the office’s image. You must not let these areas become dull. With regular professional cleaning, they will be bright and beautiful. This boosts the overall appeal of your office.

Workplace sanitation

Professional Cleaning Routine for Offices

Many cleaning companies in Brisbane offer flexible and customised cleaning plans. You can make a routine with their help for your business. Some places should be cleaned daily, while some are okay to clean weekly and monthly. 

Daily Cleaning Tasks

To reduce virus threats, Safe Work Australia suggests cleaning offices at least daily. Some cleaning routines need to be followed daily. For example, 

  • Emptying trash bins
  • Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms
  • Wiping down desks and other surfaces to remove dust and bacteria
  • Vacuuming or sweeping floors to keep them free of dirt and debris
  • Cleaning kitchen areas, including sinks, faucets, and countertops
  • Dusting furniture and electronics to maintain a tidy appearance
  • Restocking supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, and soap

You may need to add more tasks based on your business. Make a checklist for the cleaning team so that nothing goes missing. 

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Weekly cleaning tasks in offices focus on deeper cleaning and maintenance to complement daily routines. You have to vacuum and mop the areas that may go unnoticed during daily cleaning. It will remove dirt buildup and prevent mould growth. 

During the weekly cleaning, you should remove the heavy furniture and clean it underneath. Do some deep cleaning in kitchens and restrooms. Focus on the toilet seat, sink, faucets, tiles, etc. 

Pay attention to the ceilings and windows as well. Clean all the mirrors of the office. Dust the blinds, light fixtures, and vents. This will improve air quality. Weekly tasks aim to maintain a fresh and inviting office environment.

Office floor cleaning

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Every month, there should be a thorough cleaning of the office. Professionals will make sure you are following the government standards of cleaning. During the monthly cleaning, the professionals focus on hard-to-reach areas and fixtures that may not require daily attention. 

  • Deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery
  • Cleaning and sanitising ventilation systems
  • Detailed cleaning of walls, baseboards, and corners
  • Cleaning and disinfecting office equipment and electronics

Final Words

How often you need professional cleaners depends on various factors. Discussing with professionals will help you make a routine. Share about your office size, staff numbers, location, industry, and budget. However, the best practice should be to divide the cleaning into categories for daily, weekly, and monthly. Eco Cleaning Brisbane offers customised cleaning plans for offices in Brisbane. We use eco-cleaning products that promote hygiene and a healthy environment. Our expert teams have built a reputation in the last 20 years of service. Call us to discuss cleaning your office today. 

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