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Step by Step Guide: How to Clean a Flokati Rug

Cleaning Advice / February 26, 2024


A Flokati rug is a thick, shaggy wool rug originating from Greece that adds coziness and flair to any space. However, their long wool tassels are prone to catching dust, dirt, and spills that can be tricky to remove. Cleaning a Flokati rug properly is key to extending its life and maintaining its soft, lush texture. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to clean Flokati rugs thoroughly and gently.

Prepare and assess the rug

Before wet cleaning a Flokati rug, give it a quick vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris caught in the fibers. Check over the entire rug, assess any extra dirty high traffic areas or stain spots, and treat stains if needed. Test any stain removing products on small hidden areas of the rug first before using them on visible sections. This prep ensures cleaning efforts will tackle set in grime effectively.

Wool safe cleaning supplies

Gather the appropriate supplies for safely washing wool rugs before wetting the Flokati. Mild detergent without bleach or optical brighteners is essential to protect the wool fibers. Specialty rug shampoo, white vinegar, or wool safe soap flakes also gently clean without stripping natural lanolin oils. Have clean towels, rubber gloves, soft brushes, and a large wash basin ready as well.

Hand wash in cool water

Fill a tub or basin with cool, lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild detergent. Using cool water is important as hot water can cause wool fibers to shrink. Submerge and soak the entire Flokati rug, gently squeezing and agitating the rug within the water to loosen embedded dirt. Allow it to soak for 5-10 minutes maximum.

Rinse and repeat gently

Drain the dirty wash water and refill the tub with clean cool water for rinsing. Avoid running water directly onto the Flokati which can flatten the piles – submerge and rinse instead. Repeat the entire wash and rinse cycle up to twice more if needed for heavily soiled rugs. Limiting total soaking time will retain the rug’s texture and prevent excess shrinkage.

Gently press water out

After the final rinse, avoid wringing out the Flokati vigorously. Allow the rug to drain vertically over the tub for a few minutes. Then roll it up in towels to gently absorb excess moisture. Unfurl and smooth back out the piles with your fingers once drying begins.

Air dry thoroughly

It is crucial to completely air dry a Flokati rug after washing it. Lay it flat over towels or racks to allow air flow all around and underneath it. Rotate periodically and fluff up the tassels to prevent flattening as it dries. This can take 24 hours or more. Avoid direct heat sources which may damage the wool fibers. The rug will fluff back up to its original glory once fully dried out.

Maintain with regular vacuuming

Once a Flokati rug is thoroughly clean, maintain it by vacuuming 1-2 times per week. Use a vacuum with adjustable height and suction power, set to the appropriate pile setting. Vacuum gently with the grain of the piles, avoiding rubbing that can fray the tassels. Deal with spills right away by blotting gently instead of rubbing. Following these basic maintenance steps will preserve a Flokati’s beauty and lifespan.

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FAQs About Cleaning Flokati Rugs

How do you get stains out of a Flokati rug?

Blot liquid spills immediately with clean towels. For set in stains, spot test stain removers made for wool rugs in invisible areas first. Avoid rubbing aggressively at stains which can damage the Flokati fibers.

Can you put a Flokati rug in the washing machine?

No, Flokati rugs should always be hand washed gently. Machine washing risks extreme tangling of the long wool tassels and can destroy the texture.

How long does a Flokati rug last?

With proper care and cleaning, a quality Flokati rug can last 5-10 years or longer before needing replacement. Avoid pulling on snags in the piles which can unravel the rug faster.

Do Flokati rugs shed?

Yes, Flokati rugs always shed somewhat due to the long wool fibers. Regular vacuuming helps manage normal shedding. Avoid excessive rubbing the surface piles which can increase shedding.

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