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Moving Out? How to Choose the Right Bond Cleaning Company

Cleaning Advice / January 8, 2024


End of lease cleaning is crucial to getting back your bond deposit. You have to thoroughly clean the rental property. DIY cleaning often fails to satisfy the landlord and property managers. Professional cleaners are a more effective option. They have the necessary equipment and expertise. Nonetheless, you have to choose the right company for that. Consider their expertise, location, policies, and customer satisfaction. This will save you from hiring the wrong company. The final result will be satisfactory and you get to retain your security deposit.

11 Criteria to Help You Hire the Right End of Lease Cleaners

As a tenant in Brisbane, you have to deposit a security bond. You can only get that back when leaving without any dispute with the property owners. Therefore, consider the following aspects before hiring a professional cleaning company.

Deep cleaning for tenants

#1 You Must Hire Licensed Cleaners

Ensure you are hiring the company with proper business licensing. Licensed cleaners follow industry standards. They meet legal requirements for safety and quality. Besides, licensed cleaners understand how to check the initial condition report. They know what to focus on during cleaning. This ensures thoroughness and compliance. 

Licensed businesses are aware of all the rules and laws. They work with professionalism and accountability. Their sincerity towards guidelines is crucial for end of lease cleaning. Verify their licence status before hiring. It guarantees reliable service. This ensures your property meets the required standards. You should also verify Their Australian Business Number (ABN). The number proves that the business is registered with the Australian government and is legal.  

#2 Hire Local Companies

Local cleaners offer many advantages. They understand local regulations and standards. This ensures they meet landlord expectations. Brisbane has many local cleaning companies. You should hire one of them for the cleaning. They understand local regulations and standards. This ensures they meet the expectations of landlords. They are also familiar with local lease agreements. 

Besides, they can respond quickly. It helps with last-minute bookings or changes in plans. This flexibility is often not available when you are working with distant companies. It’s also easy to check the background of local companies. You can ask other people about their services. Additionally, Supporting local businesses helps the local economy. You can contribute to the growth of the community. 

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#3 Good Customer Service

Good customer service is important when hiring cleaners. Friendly and helpful staff make the process smoother. You will need to ask different questions before hiring them. If they do not want to answer properly, then it’s a negative sign. Good companies maintain transparency. They are transparent about pricing, services, and policies. 

Make sure your cleaners are easy to contact. Good communication helps avoid misunderstandings. Professional companies treat their clients with respect and care. You will get the idea from their behaviour and previous customer reviews. 

#4 What Are Included In The Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

This is an important thing to know. You must ask this question before making the deal. Different companies define bond cleaning in different ways. Their services may not include everything. For example, some may provide thorough rental property cleaning. 

On the other hand, some may define bond cleaning differently. Their services may not include windows, carpets, ceilings, etc. Professional companies have their end of lease cleaning checklist. You should ask to see the list first. Check what is included in their services. Match the checklist with your lease agreement terms. Choose the company that can meet all the terms of the agreement. This will help you get your bond money back. 

#5 Compare Prices 

Ask for quotes from different companies. Friendly companies will be happy to share their quotes. They will provide a detailed breakdown to help you make an estimation. You will get a proper idea about the cost of bond cleaning. Comparing the quotes will help you find the most budget-friendly option. 

However, don’t just go for the cheapest option. Low prices can also hint at poor quality. Look for a balance between cost and quality. Check if there are hidden fees. Some companies charge extra for certain tasks. Be clear and specific about your cleaning needs. Ask if they offer packages or discounts. Sometimes, you can save money with bundled services. 

Ensure the price includes necessary equipment and supplies. Consider the value you are getting. A slightly higher price might mean better service. Read reviews to see if others felt they got good value.

Pre-move cleaning service

#6 Do They Offer a 100% Bond Back Guarantee?

A Bond Back Guarantee is crucial when hiring cleaners. It ensures you get your deposit back. Check if the company offers this guarantee. Reliable cleaning providers usually provide it. It shows they are confident in their work. 

This guarantee can save you money. It prevents a dispute with your property owner. If there are issues, the cleaners will return. They will fix any problems for free.  You won’t have to pay for the later services. 

Hiring a company with a bond-back guarantee is smart. It protects your deposit. It also ensures a clean property. This makes the move-out process smoother. Always ask about the bond back guarantee before hiring. 

#7 Use of Latest Equipment for Cleaning

What equipment a company uses is also important. Modern tools clean better, faster, and more gently. They improve efficiency, reduce damage, and ensure a healthier cleaning process. Modern tools include advanced vacuums, steam cleaners, microfibre clothes, HEPA filters, etc. 

Advanced vacuums can pick up more dust and allergens. Steam cleaners can sanitise without chemicals. This is better for your health and the environment. Microfibre cloth is used for dusting and wiping. It does not cause any scratches on the surface. HEPA filters can capture tiny particles. Many cleaning companies use H13 or higher versions of HEPA filters. They can remove ≥99.9% of particles sized larger than 0.3 microns, according to the Victorian Govt. 

Besides, updated tools are often quieter, too. There won’t be much noise when the cleaning is going on. Therefore, you should ask what equipment the cleaners use. It helps opt for more efficient cleaners. 

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#8 Eco Friendly Cleaning Approach

Many companies provide eco-friendly cleaning services. They use cleaning products that are safe for your health. These harsh, chemical-free cleaners also do no harm to the environment. They can be applied in the presence of children and pets. Using harsh chemicals has several demerits, such as:

  • Causing respiratory problems, skin irritation, and allergic reactions. 
  • Affecting air quality by releasing toxic fumes
  • Increasing the risk of chemical burns and poisoning
  • Corroding surfaces, damages, finishes, and discolouring fabrics. 

You see, harsh chemicals can damage some surfaces. This can cause issues during the inspection. Green products do not pose these threats. As a concerned citizen, you should opt for eco-cleaning service providers. 

#9 Cleaning Service Reviews By Previous Clients

You should read reviews on different companies’ tenant cleaning services. See if the clients are happy. These comments can help you to a great extent. Some people leave detailed feedback. They may also mention whether a company is good at removing hard water stains or others. This will help you understand what to expect. 

Good reviews show the company is good at what they do. Look for negative comments as well. See what aspects people are criticising. From comments and reviews, you get to know both strengths and weaknesses. 

#10 Transparent Terms for Refunding or Cancelling

Learn about the terms for cancellation or refunding of the company. You may need to cancel the booking for unforeseen reasons. Will they allow it? Most companies allow it under certain circumstances. Educate yourself about those citations. This may come in handy later. 

What is their policy if the property owner is not satisfied? Ask these questions during early discussions. Good companies will share and explain their policies clearly to you. They are honest and transparent about their business model. 

Tenant move-out cleaning

#11 Flexibility Makes It Convenient

Choose a cleaning service that offers flexibility. Flexible schedules fit your timetable. You may need to change or reschedule the cleaning time and date. Some companies offer flexibility and won’t charge you for this. However, some companies may not offer flexibility, and this can lead to disputes. 

Professional cleaning companies have a crew of cleaners. They can afford to reschedule. Discuss their flexibility policies. Under what circumstances do they provide this advantage? It should be cleared properly. With proper flexible plans, you won’t have to worry about the weather conditions. 

Final Words

You can follow the above-mentioned criteria to hire the ideal cleaning company. A helpful, user-friendly local company can offer flexibility. They also tell you about their terms beforehand. You can invest your money with confidence. For over two decades, Eco Cleaning Brisbane has been a reliable name for bond cleaning. We have helped many tenants in Brisbane with the end of lease cleaning and ensured they get their deposit back. Our eco-friendly approach confirms no harm is done to any surface of the property. With a 100% bond back guarantee, we make your transition worry-free and smooth.

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