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Pet Owners’ Guide to Carpet Cleaning: Solutions for Keeping Your Home Fresh and Clean

Cleaning Advice / December 21, 2023


Keeping your carpets clean as a pet owner can be challenging. Pet hair, dander, and occasional accidents can quickly turn your cosy living space into a battle zone. But you shouldn’t worry too much about it. With the right cleaning solutions, you can keep your carpets clean. From this article, we will share more details on the best solutions you can use for carpet cleaning and how to use them. As a pet owner in Brisbane, you can simply follow the information we share and keep your home smelling fresh. 

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Understanding the challenges of pet ownership and carpet care

Pets are a part of your family. However, they can also be a significant source of carpet wear and tear. You will have to deal with pet stains and shedding often. On top of that, you will also have to work on odour removal. Here are some of the biggest challenges that pet owners have to face with keeping their carpets clean.


While owning a pet, you will often see pet hair trapped on the carpets. Pet owners with certain breeds have to deal with this more often than others. Such accumulated pet hair will not just look unsightly. They can also lead to respiratory issues and allergies.


Even if you have a well-trained pet, accidents can happen. Vomit, faeces, and urine can quickly seep into the fibres of the carpets. This can create unpleasant odours and stubborn stains. 


Pets can bring in dirt, mud, and other outdoor debris to your carpets from outdoors. This will leave behind a trail of mess.

Pawing or scratching 

Some pets enjoy pawing or scratching the carpet. This can cause premature wear and tear on the fibres of your carpet. 

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What are the best carpet cleaning solutions available? 

Now you know how your pets can make carpet cleaning more challenging. However, the best carpet cleaning solutions can help you to overcome these challenges. Let’s take a look at a few of the best pet-friendly cleaners available to use as of now.

Enzyme-based cleaners

Enzyme-based cleaners come with special enzymes. They are capable of breaking down organic compounds in pet stains. If you are dealing with urine stains, you can use enzyme cleaners without thinking twice. They can effectively remove odours as well as discolouration from your carpets. Moreover, these cleaners can help you with stain prevention in the long run. Still, you should be careful to take prompt action when your pet causes a stain on the carpets. 

Hydrogen-peroxide based cleaners

If you are having tougher pet stains, enzyme-based cleaners will not be helpful. This is where you may consider using hydrogen-peroxide-based cleaners. They are highly effective when removing tough pet odours and stains. That’s because these cleaners can oxidize and break down the compounds creating the stain. This is ideal for deep cleaning your carpets. If you are often experiencing pet accidents, having this cleaner around your house could be useful. 

Vinegar-based cleaners

If you are looking for a budget-friendly carpet cleaning solution, vinegar-based cleaners are ideal. They are ideal for spot cleaning. You will also be able to use these cleaners to neutralise odours while lifting stains. Make sure to use these cleaners after proper vacuuming of your carpets. In fact, regular vacuuming can keep your carpets free from pet hair. Then you can use this type of cleaner for spot cleaning when there is an accident.

Baking soda

To clean your carpets, you may also consider sprinkling some baking soda on the affected areas. After sprinkling, you need to let it sit for a few minutes. Then you can go ahead and vacuum it. Baking soda can help you absorb unpleasant odours effectively. You may consider using it along with other cleaning solutions. Then you don’t need to worry too much about carpet protection.

Pet-specific carpet cleaners 

You can also look around for carpet cleaning products specifically formulated for the use of pets. They can help you with effective carpet sanitising and removing pet odours. Before buying any of these cleaners, you must carefully go through the list of ingredients. That’s where you can verify that the cleaner has gentle and pet-safe ingredients. Some of them would come along with added deodorisers. Such a carpet cleaning product can help you to keep your carpets smelling fresh at all times. 

Carpet protection sprays 

Prevention is always better than cure. That’s why pet owners should consider using carpet protection sprays. This is one of the best tips for ultimate carpet protection. A carpet protection spray can create an invisible barrier on top of the carpets. This barrier is effective in repelling future stains and spills. This spray will bind well to the fibres of the carpet. Hence, it would become hard for the pet-related messes to soak into your carpet and set. You can re-apply this protection spray after professional cleaning. It is essential to get optimum results while preventing damage caused by messes.

Carpet cleaning wipes. 

Carpet cleaning wipes can be effective when you are trying to spot clean small accidents. Having them around the home can help you to keep the carpets spotless. You never know when your furry friends will cause an accident. But when there is an accident, you just need to quickly go ahead and use the wipes for spot cleaning. This is one of the tricks that homeowners can follow to overcome odours and protect carpets. 

Carpet powders.

Carpet powders can help you with tackling dirt and grime accumulated on your carpets with time. You just need to sprinkle the powders and let it sit for some time. Then you can simply vacuum up the powder. This powder will not just absorb dirt, but hair and odours as well. However, you should be careful when choosing carpet powders. Pay attention to the ingredients and make sure that they are friendly to your pet. Then you can eliminate dirt in carpets, without causing any harm to you or the pets.

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How to prevent and manage carpet damage?

Now you are aware of the solutions to use for comprehensive carpet cleaning. With that in mind, let’s look at some ways to avoid carpet damage as well. Attend to these tips often and you can maintain the spotless appearance of them.

Groom the pets regularly.

You should brush the pets frequently. This will remove loose hair and dander. As a result, you can minimise the amount of shedding that will end up in your carpets.

Set aside play areas.

You can create specific pet areas in your home for the pets. Then you can let them play without causing any damage to your carpets.

Trim the nails regularly. 

When you trim the nails of your pet regularly, you can minimise the risk of scratches on your carpets. It will also help you to overcome piling on the carpets.

Use carpet protectors. 

It is a good thing to install carpet protectors or anti-scratch mats on the carpets. This will help you to provide extra protection to the carpets from pet-related wear and tear.

Consider getting area rugs.

After getting some area rugs, you can place them in strategic locations around your house. This will help you to protect the main carpets from pet-related messes. If you have expensive carpets at home, this is something that you should consider doing.

Invest in carpet padding.

Getting high-quality carpet padding can help you absorb the impact that pet messes can create. It will also help you with reducing the long-term wear and tear on your carpets.

Pet carpet protection

Final Words

As you can see, there are quite a few cleaning solutions available for pet owners to use and keep their carpets clean. It is up to you to understand the unique challenges you face and get the most appropriate carpet cleaners. No matter what, make sure that you take prompt action when cleaning the messes that your pets create. It will contribute a lot towards the longevity of your carpets and the freshness of your home.

In case you are not able to keep the carpets clean on your own, you may consider seeking expert assistance. This is where Eco Cleaning Brisbane can help you. Whether you want to spot-clean a carpet or deep-clean a carpet damaged by pets, you can consider us. While keeping your carpets clean, we will also share some useful tips on how to protect them in the long run. 

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