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Preparing Your Home for Guests: A Comprehensive Cleaning Guide

Cleaning Advice / March 4, 2024


Having guests stay over can be exciting, but also stressful if your home feels messy or dirty. You want your friends or family to feel comfortable and happy in your home, not judgy about the dust or clutter!

The good news is that with some planning, elbow grease and the right cleaning products, you can get your home guest-ready in no time. We’ll take you step-by-step through our comprehensive cleaning guide to give every room and space a seasonal spruce up. From decluttering surfaces to polishing floors, we’ve got you covered!

Do a Top-to-Toe Home Declutter

Before thoroughly cleaning, it’s smart to declutter your home first. This clears away visual clutter as well as dust and dirt lurking on rarely-used items. Go room by room:

  • Clear surfaces like benches, coffee tables, dressers and nightstands of clutter, papers, magazines, etc. Remove unnecessary decor items to streamline the look.
  • Organise books, DVDs and other shelved items so they look neat and tidy. Dust jackets and wipe shelves while you work.
  • Remove out-of-season clothing items or other objects crowding bedroom cupboards and closets. Vacuum when finished.
  • Check under beds, behind furniture and corners for dust bunnies or forgotten items.

Thoroughly Clean From Top to Bottom

With your home decluttered, roll up your sleeves and work from ceiling to floor in each room:


  • Use disinfectant and cloth to wipe over ceiling vents, light fixtures, tops of cupboards and walls to remove grease and dirt buildup.
  • Clean inside cupboards by removing everything and wiping interior shelves with all purpose spray before replacing items neatly.
  • Scour the sink, then appliances like your oven, dishwasher and microwave inside and out using scrubber sponges or brushes and hot, soapy water.
  • Mop and disinfect floors, and let dry completely.


  • Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spritz mirrors shower screens, windows, tiles and other surfaces. Wipe clean with microfibre cloths for a streak-free shine.
  • Scrub the shower, basin, tiles, grout and taps with a Gumption paste and brush, then rinse. Disinfect and polish stainless steel, glass and chrome surfaces using wet wipes.
  • Clean vanity cupboards inside out like the kitchen. Store extra toilet paper, tissues and guest towels/products neatly inside.
  • Disinfect the toilet bowl inside and out. Brush the base and hinges to remove stains or rust marks.

Bedrooms & Living Areas

  • Remove pillows and doona/quilt covers to wash on a hot cycle. Vacuum mattress and base well then spray with Glen 20 sanitiser, leave for 30 mins to dry.
  • Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, window tracks, skirting boards, doorways and insect screens using microfibre dusters with extendable poles.
  • Use carpet powder vacuum attachments to freshen carpets before vacuuming thoroughly. Steam mop or Swiffer hard floors ensuring corners and crevices are cleaned. Leave to fully dry if damp.
  • Dust and polish furniture using wood cleaner and microfibre cloths. Use Glen 20 wipes under and behind sofas/chairs. Vacuum upholstered furniture too.
  • Check all fresh and faux plants are clean from dust and grime. Wipe leaves with a damp cloth and add plant food to keep them perky.

Make Guest Bedrooms Five-Star

Whether it’s a spare room, kid’s room or sofa bed getting set up for guests, go the extra mile so they can relax in clean, comfortable surroundings:

  • Make sure mattresses have hypoallergenic protectors. Layer on freshly washed sheets, and blankets and cover with clean doona/quilt covers or duvet covers. Extra pillows and cushions are also welcome.
  • Clear bedside tables or shelves for guests to use for phones, glasses, etc. Add thoughtful touches like bottled water and mints.
  • Provide fluffy bath towels, extra toiletries and anything else to make them feel pampered.
  • Check all drawers and wardrobes are cleaned out and have space for guests to unpack into with some good quality coat hangers. Remove any private or personal documents and items.
  • Place a laundry basket or bag in the room for easy access and empty regularly.

With our top cleaning tips, your home will sparkle for your incoming guests. The extra effort is always appreciated too. Enjoy the visit and when it’s time to farewell your guests, why not contact Eco Cleaning Brisbane? Our fully insured cleaners can restore order afterwards using professional equipment and earth-friendly products. Get an obligation-free quote today on 07 3189 2759 to take the hassle out of post-guest cleaning.

Why Choose Us?

With over 20 years of experience, Eco Cleaning Brisbane delivers reliable home and office cleaning using environmentally safe products. Our fully insured team is available for regular or one-off cleans with specialised services like carpet cleaning. Instant quotes and flexible booking times make organising a cinch. Get your home guest or party-ready with Eco Cleaning Brisbane today!

FAQs About Preparing Your Home for Guests

Got hosting questions? Here are some common queries:

How early should I clean before guests arrive?

Aim to thoroughly clean key rooms like guest bedrooms and bathrooms at least 1-2 days in advance. Last minute tidying of living spaces can happen on the day.

What’s your best quick cleaning tip?

Close doors to messy rooms to keep clutter out of sight! Then do a 10-minute tidy of your main living zone by clearing surfaces, plumping cushions and taking out the trash.

What if guests have allergies or sensitivities?

Minimise chemical cleaners for their stay especially in bedrooms. Wash all linen in sensitive skin detergent beforehand and vacuum thoroughly with HEPA filters.

How do I make a space seem bigger?

Strategically place mirrors to open up small rooms. Streamline and pack away excess furniture or items, edit down decorations and arrange existing pieces neatly. Use bright lighting with uniform warm white globes and keep windows/sliding doors clean.

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