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Tips for Carpet Maintenance After a Professional Carpet Clean

Cleaning Advice / December 20, 2023


Regular carpet cleaning is something that you can do to extend their life. Along with that, you should also pay attention to proper carpet maintenance. With carpet maintenance after carpet cleaning, you can add an extra layer of protection to your clean carpets. From this article, we will share how homeowners in Paramatta can do it. 

Carpet Maintenance After a Professional Carpet Clean

Vacuum your carpets regularly 

Vacuuming the carpets is one of the best things that you can do for post-cleaning care. You should do it on a regular basis. It is a simple thing to do but can contribute a lot towards the overall longevity of the carpets. However, you should also learn how to vacuum the carpets correctly.

Dirt and debris will trap within carpet fibres along with time. Vacuuming will help you to get rid of these abrasive particles. Otherwise, they will cause rapid wear of your carpet fibres. It is better if you can focus on vacuuming at least once a week. But if the carpets receive more traffic, you should do it at least two to three times a week.

While you are vacuuming regularly, take enough time to make multiple passes over each area. Make sure to do it using a combination of forward and backward motions. You should not ignore the corners and edges where dirt often accumulates. To get the best results with regular grooming, you may use a vacuum cleaner with strong suction power and a HEPA filter. 

Vacuum your carpets regularly

Promptly clean up spills and stains 

Accidental spills on your carpet are unavoidable. However, you should take prompt action for stain removal when something like that happens. The sooner you can treat them, the better. This is why you need to have a carpet cleaning solution or a stain removal product in hand. Then you can quickly go ahead with spot cleaning.

For spills, you should first scoop the substance as much as possible. Make sure to avoid rubbing, which can grind the particles further into the carpet. Then you can apply a small amount of the cleaning solution and gently blot the area. After that, you can rinse it with clean water and blot dry. If it is a liquid spill, you need to blow away excessive moisture right away before using the stain remover. 

Use entry mats and runners 

One of the easiest ways to prevent excessive dirt and debris from accumulating on the carpets is to use entry mats. Get some large and durable entry mats and place them inside and outside all exterior doors. Then you can get them to capture things like mud, grit, and moisture from the shoes. Along with that, you can also get the habit of shoe removal near the doors. 

Adding runners in high-traffic areas will help you to minimize daily wear and tear. It can act as a perfect carpet protector. You just need to make sure to clean both rugs and runners regularly to prevent debris buildup. 

Promptly clean up spills and stains

Maintain reasonable indoor humidity levels 

Proper humidity control can also help you with carpet maintenance after carpet clean. Both excessive moisture and extreme dryness can negatively impact the carpets. When there are low humidity levels, you will experience carpet drying. On the other hand, excessive moisture buildup will create an ideal environment for mould and mildew to grow. That’s why you need to maintain proper humidity and ensure air circulation.

You can use an air conditioner or a dehumidifier during warm months to overcome moisture problems. Similarly, you can run a humidifier during winter months when air becomes too parched. Always aim to keep the indoor humidity levels between 40% to 50%. 

Reduce foot traffic 

If you can reduce the amount of foot traffic that your carpets are getting, you can ensure carpet longevity. This is where you need to reroute household members as well as guests away from carpeted surfaces as much as possible. It is possible to use area rugs in entryways and transition areas so that they can catch debris before getting into carpets. 

You may also use carpet padding or plastic protective films on top of carpets for areas with heavy foot traffic. This is one of the best preventive measures that you can follow to reduce the wear and tear of your carpets. 

Use entry mats and runners

Deep clean the carpets regularly 

Along with regular preventive measures, you should also stick to a carpet deep cleaning schedule. The frequency of deep cleaning often depends on the traffic patterns of your home. Carpet manufacturers recommend you do it at least once a year. 

Deep cleaning the carpets is not something that you can do on your own. This is where you need to seek the assistance of a professional carpet cleaning company. They use the right cleaning solutions and techniques to deliver the best results. 

Re-arrange your furniture regularly 

Along with time, carpet fibres under heavy furniture can become crushed. This is why it is essential for you to re-arrange your furniture. This is one of the simple techniques that you can follow to protect their looks. If you are keeping furniture on carpets for long, you may also consider using special furniture coaster cups. These protective pads will minimize the amount of stress that carpet fibres will have to go through.

Maintain reasonable indoor humidity levels

Final words

As you can see, it is essential to take good care of your carpet to keep it spotless after a clean. This will help you to avoid getting dirty carpets to disrupt your living space. While following the tips shared above, you should also hire the help of a professional carpet cleaner. They will go ahead and offer the best carpet cleaning services and provide extended aftercare for your carpets. If you are looking for an expert in Brisbane, Eco Cleaning Brisbane is there to help. 

Our experts know how to take good care of carpets and clean them. Feel free to get in touch with Eco Cleaning Brisbane and protect your newly cleaned carpets today. Then you can preserve their looks as well as their longevity with ease. 

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