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Top 10 Areas in the Gym that Require Frequent Cleaning

Cleaning Advice / March 18, 2024


Every gym should focus on regular cleaning to ensure health and safety. Multiple members share equipment and high-touch surfaces that easily spread germs without diligent disinfection protocols. While cleaning a gym, it is important to stick to a checklist. That’s where you need to be aware of the top 10 areas of your gym that require frequent cleaning. Continue to read and we will share those areas with you. 

Exercise Equipment

Weights, resistance machines, cardio equipment and other fitness gear are shared by endless users. Many hours of operation make them hotbeds for germ transfer. You should wipe down handles, seats, control panels and grips after each person’s use. 

Set daily cleaning schedules for disinfecting direct-contact surfaces plus deep equipment cleansing during off hours as well. Keeping machines visibly clean encourages proper hygiene habits while protecting clients.

It is better if you can encourage your gym members to help you with cleaning these high-touch surfaces. All you have to do is keep some disinfectant wipes around the gym. Then all members can ensure exercise equipment disinfection after use. 

Locker Room Sanitation 

As prime changing areas with benches, showers and toilets in constant rotation, locker rooms need extensive sanitisation policies. This will help you to counteract germ propagation risk. Require cleaning staff to thoroughly disinfect all accessible surfaces including:

  • Lockers – handles, number pads, interior shelves
  • Counters and sinks
  • Benches and seating
  • Showers and partitions
  • Toilets and urinals
  • Dispensers
  • Doors – handles, pushes
  • Floors

For high-traffic gyms, full locker room cleaning should occur three times daily or more to curtail bacteria in these humid areas. 

Gym Floors

Rubber gym flooring easily shows dirt, footprints and drink spills that disrupt workouts and create slippery hazards. Daily dust mopping followed by thorough wet mopping maintains cleanliness and safety. 

Schedule pressure washes quarterly while reapplying protective floor coatings annually to restore traction. Pay special attention to zones around equipment where dust and sweat accumulate most. Since floors are one of the most common sweat-prone areas, make sure to clean them at least every other day. You should also use safe cleaning agents for gym floor cleaning.  

Yoga Studios

Provide sanitisation spray, ample fresh yoga mats and posted guidelines for cleaning between sessions so members avoid dirty mats harbouring skin cells and bacteria. Sweep and wet mop yoga studio floors daily to remove dust and debris that lingers in the air during breathing-focused sessions otherwise. 

Proper ventilation with circulating air purification maintains ideal comfort and cleanliness for focused mindfulness practices as well. Your gym members would appreciate yoga mat cleanliness as well. 


Wooden bathroom stalls, toilets, sinks, and showers endure extremely heavy usage and require diligent attention. Disinfect all surfaces thoroughly several times daily while continually restocking soap and paper goods so they never run out.

Schedule deep cleaning procedures weekly to descale fixtures, scrub grout and prevent any mildew buildup in crevices or corners. Maintaining rigorous restroom hygiene protocols protects member health. Make sure that you never cut corners while ensuring bathroom hygiene. 

Saunas and Steam Room Maintenance 

These relaxing hot zones promote sweat which opens pores and increases the risk of infection transfer if surfaces aren’t sanitised vigilantly. Disinfect floors, walls, handles and seating completely between daily sessions.

Post visible guidelines about pre-use showers, sitting on towels and limiting occupancy for safety. Provide ample clean towels while promptly removing used ones via marked bins. Monthly deep cleaning scrubs away stubborn grime or mineral deposits from steam.

Ventilation and Air Flow

With elevated respiration rates during workouts, Gyms require robust ventilation systems to maximise airflow for comfort while filtering airborne germs. Clean HVAC components quarterly, replace air filters each month and add standalone commercial air purifiers near equipment zones. Maintaining exemplary air quality reduces illness transmission risk while supporting stamina.

Water Fountains

High-use communal water fountains easily spread oral bacteria between members through spigots and push contacts. Select models with stainless steel components that simplify cleaning and discourage corrosion and rust. Disinfect nozzles, bowls, drains and touch buttons at minimum twice daily or more in well-trafficked locations. Replace filters regularly for continuing water purity and cool temperature.

Towels and Mats

Supply ample towels for members to use after showers and workouts while collecting used items promptly in designated bins. Send for daily laundering to inhibit mildew and odours. Provide disinfecting sprays for members to quickly sanitise yoga mats before and after practising too. 

Discard damaged towels and mats immediately to prevent safety issues or cleaning problems. You must strongly enforce appropriate towel and mat cleaning protocols. It will help you to ensure the overall cleanliness of towels and mats at your gym. 

Kids Areas

Children’s activity rooms and childcare centres require intense cleaning protocols plus nontoxic disinfectants to not leave behind residues. All toys, games, play structures, seating, and flooring need germ elimination without harsh fumes. 

Educate staff on proper techniques for maintaining cleanliness around children who tend to spread germs easily through contact and airborne transmission. Ventilation and air quality will play a major role in the overall cleanliness of your gym. Along with gym equipment cleaning, you should also pay attention to it.

Final Words 

By consistently and conscientiously disinfecting these 10 high-traffic areas, gyms provide members and guests with a clean environment for fitness. Visible cleaning efforts also encourage users to do their part with wiping equipment, and personal hygiene and report any issues promptly. Together, it becomes easy to uphold facility cleanliness for health.

No matter how hard you try, keeping overall cleanliness at your gym will be challenging. This is where you need to partner with a professional services provider for it. Anyone seeking such an expert services provider for gym cleaning in Brisbane can connect with Eco Cleaning Brisbane. They can even recommend a proper gym cleaning schedule that you can follow. All you have to do is stick to their recommendations and get their help with keeping your gym clean. 

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