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Top 5 Office Cleaning Problems in Brisbane and How to Solve Them

Cleaning Advice / December 13, 2023


When managing an office, it is important to maintain a clean and hygienic environment at all times. It will help you to improve employee productivity and well-being. On top of that, having a clean office can help you maintain a professional outlook as well. However, businesses in Brisbane often face numerous challenges when trying to maintain a clean office. Let’s take a look at 5 such office cleaning problems and the solutions available to them. 

Challenges in maintaining proper communication 

Communicating your office hygiene requirements to the cleaning company can often be a challenge. This will result in situations where cleaners miss out on cleaning important areas. Sometimes they may also use incorrect products or fail to adhere to appropriate cleaning protocols. This can result in an unsatisfactory cleaning experience at the end of the day. Moreover, it can increase the risk of health hazards as well.


You should establish a clear line of communication with your cleaning company from the start. This is where you should clearly explain your expectations to maintain workplace cleanliness. It is also better to see if the Brisbane commercial cleaning specialist understands your needs. You can monitor this based on the responses that you are getting. 

Even after you give the job to a cleaning company, you must do routine check-ins. This is where you get in touch with the account manager to discuss your concerns. You may also use these meetings to communicate the changes to your office needs and other special requests. 

It is better if you can provide a detailed cleaning checklist to the cleaning company. It should include all areas of your office, including desk sanitation and carpet stain removal. Along with that, you need to encourage open dialogue between the staff and the cleaning crew. Then you can get them to address issues promptly. 

You can see whether there’s a way to implement a digital communication platform to log cleaning requests. Then you can use the same channels to track progress and provide feedback in real-time. This transparency can help you identify and resolve miscommunications before they escalate into bigger issues.

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Not getting the expected quality  

You have your preferred cleaning standards. The cleaning company you hire should match them. Otherwise, you won’t be happy with the service. We often see how cleaners in Brisbane fail to meet the quality standards of office managers. It can be a missed spot, a streaky surface, or even a general lack of attention to detail. No matter what, subpar cleaning can negatively impact the overall appearance and hygiene of a workplace. 


To overcome this problem, you may think about hiring an experienced cleaning company. The company you select should take pride in their work. It is better to do some background research and see how the company performed in the past. This is where you need to keep an eye on positive reviews and a proven track record. You must also look for a company that maintains a commitment to using high-quality products. Such a company will not go ahead with cheaper options to cut corners. As a result, you will never end up with subpar results.

After hiring the cleaning company, you should do regular inspections. If you see dust accumulation anywhere, make sure to report it to the cleaning company promptly. Likewise, you should also see how good your restroom maintenance and disinfection procedures are. You can also implement a quality control system for janitorial services. It can be as simple as periodic surprise inspections. Or else, you may also have regular customer satisfaction surveys. The results you get out of them can help you to ensure that your cleaning team is catering to your expectations.

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Cleaners not showing up for their job 

You are building a long-term relationship with your cleaning company. This is where you expect the cleaners to show up as per the schedule. But we often see situations where cleaners don’t show up. These unexpected surprises put office managers in trouble. That’s because they rely on cleaners for clutter management. When the cleaning team doesn’t show up, they have to experience disruptions to overall business operations. 


To prevent this problem, you should look around for a reliable cleaning company out there. Before awarding the contract, you need to define cleaning schedules. In the meantime, you should check whether the cleaning company has robust protocols in place to ensure attendance. It is completely natural for the cleaners to fall ill and take leaves. To overcome problems caused by such leaves, you should go to a bigger cleaning company. They have a large pool of trained staff and backup personnel. Hence, they will be able to cover up the cleaners during their absence. 

You may also come up with a system to track and report missing shifts. It can be a digital check-in system or a simple sign-in sheet. When the cleaner fails to arrive on time, you should report it immediately. This will provide you with solid evidence to discuss the problem with management. If you are not getting a satisfactory response from the management, you must look for another company. 

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Cleaners failing to finish their cleaning tasks 

Your employee’s responsibility is to complete the tasks you assign to them on time. Similarly, you expect the cleaners to complete their assigned duties in a timely manner as well. Otherwise, you will encounter issues such as bad indoor air quality. 

Some cleaners may show up for their scheduled shifts. However, they will leave behind incomplete tasks or may rush through some of the activities. This will result in a subpar cleaning experience. Such cleaners can leave behind potential safety hazards as well.


To overcome this problem, you should establish clear expectations with the cleaning company. Make sure to provide a detailed checklist as well. It should include the tasks as well as the timelines on where you expect to complete them. Professional cleaners will always respect your expectations and customise their cleaning schedules accordingly. It will help you to maintain a healthy work environment at all times. 

You should also provide sufficient time and resources for the cleaning crews. Then they can complete their duties without feeling rushed. In other words, you need to be realistic with the timelines you provide. Then your cleaning crews will never feel overwhelmed. 

There can be situations where incomplete tasks become a recurring issue. In such situations, you should reevaluate the workload. You may also discuss with the cleaning crews and understand the challenges they face. If the workload is too much, you may request the cleaning company in Australia to add more staff. Then you can get them to complete all your tasks while ensuring satisfaction.

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The cleaning team making the same mistake over and over again 

It is completely fine for cleaners to make mistakes. When you spot such a mistake, you will need to provide feedback. You may also provide a guide for the cleaning company to follow. For example, there are specific techniques to follow when cleaning your industrial appliances. Otherwise, you will have to fix them after cleaning. Likewise, you expect the cleaners to use appropriate chemical products as well. Whenever you point out a mistake, the cleaning team should fix it. But if the cleaning company continues to make the same mistake repeatedly, you have an issue. 


To fix this problem, you must discover the root cause behind recurring mistakes. Along with that, you need to see if the cleaning team is making an effort to prevent mistakes. Mistakes can happen due to a lack of supervision or training. It can also happen due to language barriers. Or else, mistakes can happen due to a matter of carelessness. Even if the cleaning service is offering an efficient service, it would not be worth the mistakes they make. That’s why you should take proactive measures to overcome mistakes.

You need to have discussions with the cleaning crews within your workplace. Then you can try to see whether it is possible to address this problem internally. But when it fails, you can go ahead and escalate to the higher levels of management. Then you can expect to find a better solution. It can be a replacement for individual crew members. But when nothing works, you can simply switch to a different cleaning company.

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Final Words

Now you know the common problems that you have to face when working with a commercial cleaner. Such problems will disrupt the well-being of your staff members and customers. That’s why you need to address them promptly. Never let office cleaning problems hold your business back. You need to take immediate action to address the issues you face. Then you can enjoy the benefits of having a well-maintained workspace. It will contribute towards the success and growth of your company as well.

We at Eco Cleaning Brisbane have a clear idea about these issues that businesses in Brisbane face. As a result, we have taken appropriate measures to overcome them. Once you start working with us, you will never encounter these issues. We provide a pleasant and comprehensive office cleaning experience for you. You just need to let us know about the expectations you have regarding office cleaning. Then we will assign the right cleaning team and stick to the right protocols when offering our service. You will absolutely love the overall experience you get when working with us. Feel free to go ahead and contact us today. Let’s discuss more about your cleaning needs and let us offer our services. 

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