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Are you struggling with dirty carpets around you? Worry no more. Eco Brisbane cleaners are in Brisbane to assist you in carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

You might wonder if carpet cleaning is an essential task. Some individuals replace carpets with new ones. But is it important to buy new carpets? No. It is essential to keep your environment clean. Carpets are included in it. The carpets too should be cleaned quite often. Eco Brisbane cleaners are in Brisbane to restore the original look of the carpets. The high-end machines and different products used by them makes the carpets shine with a glow. Our janitors are rated high for their cleaning services. Make your appointment today to see the transformation in your carpets. We guarantee that you will be amazed and satisfied.

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Different methods in carpet cleaning


In encapsulation external products are used. These products will be tested with the green policy before usage. Hence, there would not be any disruptions to your environment. A formulated solution or powder is used in this method. The solution or the powder used will be formulated based on the nature or type of your carpet. Cleaning according to the nature of your carpet can prevent it from being damaged. After the solution is applied, it encapsulates. In final, it will be vacuumed so that the carpet is cleaned.

Carpet Shampooing

In the history of carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing is considered as the oldest method. This cleaning type requires excess water to remove the dirt particles. The shampoo is mixed with water and is applied or sprayed on both sides of the carpet. It is left to soak for some time. After soaking, the carpet will be completely washed till the dirt is removed.

Hot Water Extraction

The hot water extraction method is the most recommended method of carpet cleaning. This method uses hot water and detergent for cleaning. The detergent is dissolved in the water and it is sprayed on the carpet by a tube from the machine. This diluted water helps in washing the carpet. The pollutants and all dirt will dissolve along with the water when washed. This method is the best for most of the carpets.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

The dry carpet cleaning method is another method which is recommended by most of the cleaners and carpet manufacturers. Similar to the hot water extraction method, dry carpet cleaning requires a powder for cleaning. The dust and dirt are dissolved and absorbed by this powder. No water is needed in this method.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam is the main source for cleaning in this method. The carpet is steamed first. From the machine, steam is released on the carpet. This steam dissolves all the pollutants from the carpet. However, exposing the carpet much to high steam is not a good idea. Depending on the nature of your carpet the method of cleaning will be chosen.

Bonnet Cleaning

Most of the hotels prefer the bonnet cleaning method. This is because in bonnet cleaning only the top surface of the carpet is cleaned. It does not utilize much water for cleaning and hence it doesn’t require much time to dry. This method is generally not preferred at homes and in offices.

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Carpet cleaning Brisbane FAQs

Yes we would bring all the required cleaning detergent and equipment needed for house cleaning