Are you looking for Cheap Bond Cleaning in Brisbane?

Look no more, your in right place. Eco Brisbane Bond Cleaning provides the best and cheapest price all over Queensland. also  Our cleaning check lists are as per RTA guideline which ensure the best possible service and value for money! . with 100% satisfaction guaranteed cleaning.

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Bond Cleaning Brisbane Prices

Studio $ 99
One  Bed House or unit $149
Two Bed House or unit $199
Three Bed House or unit $249
Four Bed House or unit $349
Five Bed House or unit $449
Six Bed House $549
Rate For Additional Hour $49

As you know many people do not understand vast difference between bond cleaning, End of lease cleaning and Exit cleaning. Because of this issue sometimes they spend huge amount of money. And various top cleaning companies or rental property agent. So first understand that it seems all these three types of exit cleaning related terms seems same. But it is not, and professional cleaner and cleaning companies took advantage of customer less knowledge.

what is bond cleaning?

Bond cleaning is mandatory cleaning which are required once your bond between you and your real estate agency is near to finish. And you have to handover property to rental property back, at that time it is customer or tenant responsibility to done with bond cleaning. Detail bond cleaning include details of each item of property including gardening, wall painting if required, blinds or curtain cleaning or washing and so on. However, it is not compulsory you have to go with wall wash and blind wash using standard cleaning product as real estate generate entry report and Exit report each time.  They do bond cleaning contract with tenant in Brisbane and Gold coast. So that, if entry condition was average when you move into property then you must return property in same condition. This is done when you will be moving out. Otherwise, real estate agents will deduct money from bond to repair and replace broken item including pest control service.

What is end of lease cleaning Brisbane

so its somehow like bond cleaning. But, not exactly as it is sometimes people staying at property for more than 6 years so majority stuff under replacement. So, understand you will not require to hire professional cleaners or carpet cleaning company to perform those area. As, anyhow they are going to replace so better first understand and ask real estate agents that which part they are going to renovate after end of lease cleaning. So, you can save big money. For instance, if you hire cleaning equipment and clean carpet then later realise that real estate going to change those carpet. So, end of lease cleaning is bit conscious.

After discussing bond cleaning Brisbane and End of lease cleaning Brisbane. Now time to focus on Exit cleaning Brisbane. First and foremost, difference is that usually its shorter in length period. Moving ahead, it is type of cleaning required once you exit from property permanently. For instance, if you must change your town in 3 months then you required to go with exit cleaning. Exit cleaning is far cheaper and better compared to cheap Bond cleaning and end of lease cleaning. As exit cleaning may not include many services. Likewise, carpet cleaning, pest control service, wall spot clean. However, if real estate agent hold bond money then might be, he will ask more detail of cleaning.

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What is Eco Brisbane 100% customer satisfaction?

If customer not happy then Eco Brisbane send their team back in 48 hours to re attend missed item as per free quote. But this customer satisfaction service is once off. So, customer have option to wait for Exit report or they want by themselves. If they do not wait for Exit report then if they real estate want cleaner back, then they must pay for that.

What if Free Quote from Eco Brisbane?

Eco Brisbane Cleaning team provide free quote to customer which does not involve any money in it. It is based on Our team experience and assumption of property condition and size describe by customer. But if condition is not average than quote price can go up.

Why choose Eco Brisbane Professional bond cleaning service?

It is fully licenced and major public liability insurance company in Brisbane. So is there any problem. We can cover 100% customer satisfaction.

Eco Brisbane bond cleaning follow RTA guideline checklist. This is very quality cleaning list which satisfy customer and real estate requirement. We respect everyone time and money, so we provide full list cleaning. This is surety of 100% customer satisfaction. All our professional cleaning team provide cleaning equipment and cleaning products. We are recommended by many real estate and property manager so there are 100% bond refund for you.

All in all, for all bond cleaning, end of lease cleaning and exit cleaning. Eco Brisbane is highly recommended cleaning company for professional cleaning services. We provide service to all parts and states of Australia.

Our free quotes are inclusive of GST so no hidden cost. There is assumption that property is in average condition.

Eco Brisbane Bond Cleaning standard list:

  • Remove Cobweb Internally
  • Exhaust fans and ceiling fans cleaning
  • Light fitting cleaning if safely reachable
  • Filter of air conditioners
  • Drawers and shelved cleaning
  • Light switches and power point cleaning
  • Floor vacuumed and mop cleaning
  • Wardrobe track, shelves and doors
  • Window washed inside with track cleaning
  • Window frames and door frames wiped
  • Door and window track cleaned
  • Skirting board cleaning
  • Carpeted area only dry vacuum
  • Walls only spot clean 3 to 4 spot per wall
  • Cleaning of doors
  • Oven inside and outside degreased and cleaning
  • Stove top cleaning
  • Range hood cleaning and filter degreased
  • Bench top cleaning
  • Drawer and shelves cleaning
  • Cupboard including top cleaning
  • Dishwasher with filter inside and outside cleaning
  • Sink and Tap cleaning
  • Splash back cleaning
  • Basins and Tap cleaning
  • Cupboard Inside and Outside
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Shower screen cleaning with maximum soap scum remove
  • Bath and plug hole cleaning
  •  Toilet and seat cleaning
  • Exhaust fan cleaning
  • Cupboards outside and inside
  • Laundry sink and plug hole cleaning
  • Cobweb removed
  • Sweep
  • Wall washing
  • Dusting or wiping of blinds
  • Louvers windows
  • White goods and Appliance Cleaning like Fridge, microwave and washing machine etc.
  • Upholstery or soft furniture like sofa and mattress
  • Kitchen ware cleaning
  • Grout cleaning
  • Garage door cleaning
  • Rubbish removal
  • Mould Cleaning
  • Ceilings
  • Lifting charges if need to higher level including carpet cleaning machine

Few Suburbs Our Services Include

  • Victoria Point

  • Helensvale

  • North Lakes

  • Hamilton